Harsin and ASU

Here is a piece on the fallout in Jonesboro on Harsin’s year as head coach at ASU before he went to Boise State. I don’t know if it is true or not.

Few in Jonesboro Surprised Harsin May Get Fired at Auburn

It’s just a reminder of how little we often know about these coaches, and that our perceptions can often be wildly off.

When Morris was dismissed here, I remember Harsin’s name at least being mentioned with our opening. I don’t know if he was ever actually a candidate, but seeing his record at Boise, I thought at the time he might be a good option.

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I believe very little that Hodges writes, most of it is sensationalism. I lived in Jonesboro then, and don’t remember any such talk from my ASU fans, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I do agree he was a very bad fit for Auburn, though.

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He doesn’t explain what the problem with him was at ASU, just that he had one. Not very informative.


Aside from whatever Aub digs up or not. Or whatever happened at ASU besides missing a post game radio presser,

It just sounds like Harsin is one arrogant pr…!

Whether Harsin was ever seriously a candidate here after Morris was fired we may never know. But I just don’t see HY making that type of mistake with a coaching hire. Knows the stakes are high and does his homework.

The problem with Auburn is the boosters want a puppet they can control. Same problem with Texas. I despise both!

One of the major boosters down there has to be an Alabama plant. Maybe more than one.

If your goal is to wreck recruiting, you couldn’t write a better script.

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Will be interesting to read the spin that is put out. Another story out by the ASU AD at time , who completed disputed the story that was put out and mentioned above.

No way ASU would have fired Harsin without having a sure-fire defense against any buyout he had. They don’t have that kind of money. Sure didn’t have it then. Simple matter of not wanting (or able?) to spend the money. They wouldn’t have done it after 1 year anyway.

The story listed above while he was at ASU has been refuted by Mohajir now at UCF so the authors creditably is now in question regarding the story. And now that Auburn has decided to keep Harsin meaning not enough creditable evidence to fire for cause was found by their attorney it’s a moot point. However if I was the young lady that they tried to smear with alleged affair with Harsin should sue the heck out the media that brought it up.

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Agree on that she should sue and still can. Unless there is actually something to it in some capacity.

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