Harsin and A-State question

I keep reading he is a bad fit at Auburn. And that he was hated at ASU.

Lots of people seem to know stuff about him, but I am on the outside. Can anybody give some more detail as to why he is thought of as such an a$&;@$?

He was only at Jonesboro for one year before he returned to his alma mater, Boise St. I never heard anything bad about him while he was at Jonesboro. My guess is whatever they said after he left was pretty much sour grapes.

As for Auburn. Well, it seems nobody is a fit there.

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My ASU buddies commented at the time that he was a pompous jack***

I suspect any new jack*** at Jonesboro Ag would be considered a pompous. :sunglasses:

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ASU “buddies”…argh.

Jackson’s post pretty much hit the nail on the head.

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