Harry King's predictions for 2018 season

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … 18-season/

Wow! Harry King says there is a chance for 6 wins!

That’s good maybe just maybe Arkansas can beat a team it shouldn’t while beating all the ones Mr King says the Razorbacks should - that would Be 7 wins !

Which one is most likely to be the team Arkansas can beat that is a predicted loss?


A&M or LSU.

Oh that would be awesome to get that monkey of our Razorbacks

It’s been too long the universe is out of balance for Tex A&M to be beating Arkansas - it’s simply unacceptable

Adgebg I’m thinking LSU is vunderable - but they always have talent

Now think what would happen if Coach Morris with his little pigs beats Jim bo Fisher and all those mighty Aggies

Would Jimbo have moving trucks parked outside his house?

I’m all in to help him move

Hope your right