Harry King's last column for Hawgs Illustrated

I asked Harry King to write a column on his memories from a long journalistic career for his last in our magazine. It appeared in last week’s Hawgs Illustrated:

And, then, I wrote a column to pair with it as my State of the Hogs:

Just as a side note, Harry has been semi retired last three years but I’ve talked him into writing for the magazine. At 77, he said this summer he could not do it any more.


Great memories from both Harry and Clay. All the best to Harry as he takes the next steps in his life. His work will be missed by me and many others. And I absolutely love his competitive spirit. My wife says I’m way too competitive. I play to win except when it comes to arguing with her. I’ve leaned in the last 49 years what I thought was a win would come back and bite me. Thanks Harry and Clay…

Harry was one of the best. I miss reading his articles.

Harry, enjoy your retirement! Thanks for all your great stories and columns over the years. I always looked forward to reading what you had to say. All the best to you and yours in this next stage of your life…

What a thrill it was for me to work so closely with Harry over the years. Sitting next to him at football games was like taking a master class, except he didn’t know he was teaching.

Both were really great reads!

I really enjoyed both articles. Most revealing was how a writer has to do his work. The travel and the hours required are pretty tough.

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I don’t know if our job is as glamorous as some think, but I don’t really know anything else. Harry is like a brother to me. We have leaned on each other a lot.

Harry King is simply one of the best. I’ve always enjoyed his depth and style of writing. To be honest, few write that way anymore.

All the best to Harry.

2 great articles from 2 of the best. Been reading Harry’s for many years. Will surely miss him. Happy Retirement.

It was great to read both stories, thanks Clay (and Harry!)

Easy to write about someone you know that well. Thanks guys (and gals).

it makes me very sad just reading your lead line. I have loved HK for all of my life, probably second only to your dad in my all-time Hog writer.

getting older has a lot of perks, but stuff like this is difficult to take. he has certainly earned some peace and quiet, but man I’ll miss his writing.


Harry…if you read this…THANK YOU for the years of entertainment and insight. I’ve always enjoyed seeing stories/columns with your byline.

I hope retirement is everything you want it to be.

Thanks Harry! Enjoy retirement.

Still have the story he did on Little Gas.

Wiz. I’ll tell him. He does not read message boards.

Thank you, Harry, for all of the great articles through the years. Also, congratulations for making it to the finish line in your profession which few seem to do these days. With journalism becoming less of a priority to our world that is an accomplishment to be proud of for sure. I just had one of my best friends, Bruce Plante, a huge Razorback fan, lose his job yesterday as the editorial cartoonist for the Tulsa World. He would have loved to work as long as you in his profession, but he will now succeed in another iteration of his lifelong job as you did. He was one of only 20 something people still employed full time in his chosen profession. The point being you are so lucky to have worked so long at something you are so good at and love so much. You will be missed. Absolute congrats and God’s speed to you. May you have many years of good health and happiness!

Bruce was a part of the Chattanooga Times Free Press staff when we arrived in Chattanooga in 98. I figured out he was a Hog fan and we exchanged a couple of messages. A great talent for sure.

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