Harry kings article

Crindged when I read title of article. 2nd tier teams. Will be nice when we’re not apart of that group and in the top tier.

We have been in the top tier 4 of the last 5 years. Let’s take comfort in that. We all know how our roster turned over this year. Nothing to be ashamed of.

They never seem to mention the fact the cheating that Auburn has done to assemble their roster. The hogs are in good shape. I have gotten use to the pundits talking down about our hogs! Honest Ben will get caught it’s just a matter of time. Bruce Pearl will go down the smoking gun just hasn’t been pointed directly at him yet. Greaseball Cal will have his day as well.
The Vols better enjoy this year with their experiences senior team. Like you have mentioned the hogs have been in the top four final conference standings the last 4 to 5 years. The one thing that has held them back is not winning the game they are suppose too. Moo U last year when Moo U beat us at the free throw throw line. They took well over 35 freebies and getting pasted by LSU just examples.
The hogs are a good young team. ( far from Great)

To me the top tier is Alabama and Georgia

LSU and Florida slightly under that

Then the rest in some order depending on how they are doing that season.

I agree in football. Was talking basketball. Would like to make that top tier this year.

Dudley. Are you sure Alabama and Georgia sit on top in basketball.

Dudley was talking football.

Probably his last goof this year! :stuck_out_tongue:

He was but it’s a little funny.
Alabama and Georgia shouldn’t finish conference play ahead of the hogs. Florida may not either.