Harry King's article today 'Don't dismiss Kelley in new offense'

is spot on. I know Cole personally and watched him run a spread offense in High School - which he did very well. Due to his size and deceptive speed (similar to Matt Jones in the fact that the kid is so big it doesn’t appear that he is moving very fast) there were designed runs in the offense he ran, but he also pulled the ball out on the option and often threw some beautiful 20-50 yd. passes with amazing accuracy. I think he is going to be all-SEC when given an opportunity to operate out of a Chad Morris offense.

I figure he’s the most talented quarterback on campus right now. Connor Noland will be a nice addition and become the second most talented player on campus. Ty Storey, Daulton Hyatt and the walk-ons, especially Jack Lindsey, are talented, too. But I think Connor has a chance to compete favorably with them because of foot speed. Hyatt has some speed, too. But, the one with the best overall arm is Cole Kelley. Harry and I have talked about that. I do love my time visiting with Harry. We go back a long way. I consider Harry family. We talk about a lot of things, including the Razorbacks and golf. But we always talk the most about family.

Dunno you could be right, but Coach Morris seems to use more athletic QB’s.

Since I have never seen any of the other quarterbacks play a snap except for Ty Storey, we will defer to you guys on Cole Kelley. He is not a typical spread quarterback because he is not quick and certainly not fast, but the guy is a leader and a winner. Is Cole athletic enough to move to tight end or tackle, like a Jason Peters? Peters made millions and millions of dollars in the NFL as the league’s best left tackle. Getting to the NFL is half the battle…can Cole get there as a quarterback? Probably not, but maybe he could get there at another position. He may not want to move to another position. It will be interesting to see what happens with him. Just don’t waste him like Houston Nutt did Brandon Holmes. He should have been in the NFL at safety, linebacker or some place. What a waste.

Agree with this totally. Cole can get 3 to 5 yards just falling forward. He is so tall he can see the whole field. Color me excited about the possibilities.

I firmly believe that Cole Kelly will play in the NFL - I see him as a young Joe Flacco, only a little bigger. And Flacco has had a great career in the NFL. I’m also an acquaintance of Jake Delhome (graduated from and large supporter of same HS as Cole) who QB’d 12 seasons in NFL (if I’m not mistaken) - he’s said that Cole is one of the best HS QB’s he’s ever seen reading defenses and going through his play progressions. I do believe that if Cole would have had just a bit more time in the pocket this past season people would be viewing him in a more positive way

Glad you mentioned Brandon Holmes. I haven’t thought of him in a long time. He had one of the best performances by a Razorback I
have ever witnessed. He ran the ball in the mud like 38 times in a driving rainstorm against LSU in LR. What a game under Miserable

Where do I find his articles now?

Step One: Get that offensive line straightened out. We might be shocked at what these guys can do if they actually have time to do it and a running game to take the pressure off.

Took some hunting, but here it is:

http://www.pulaskinews.net/sports/20171 … and-spread

I think CK is a confident player and the team believes in him… it would be frightening if he lost 20 pounds and played under 250.

You may be right. I am excited to find out. I have said before that it might help if he lost about 20 pounds. Hey, he weighs about 265 and still moves pretty good.

The only similarity I see in Cole Kelley and Matt Jones is that they are both tall. Jones ran away from people with exceptional speed. Kelley, on the other hand has a much stronger arm. He’d be doing himself and the team a favor by losing 20 pounds before next season.

Coach Morris says there will be an emphasis on conditioning. Hopefully Cole will take full advantage of that and develop into more of a dual threat qb. He will also have prove to Coach Morris that he can be trusted. Getting a DUI does not exactly demonstrate great leadership . If Cole doesn’t take to the conditioning program and earn the trust of Coach Morris look for him to transfer out.

Cole is a better passer than Matt. Lots of differences. We’ll see if Cole develops into the kind of “gamer” that Matt Jones was for the Hogs. Matt was better in games than in practice.

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I would think the experience Cole gained from playing this past season will give him a leg up in the QB competition, especially if he does adapt well to the tempo and spread. Don’t know if, at 265 pounds (and probably closer to 270), that he will have the stamina to run tempo and perhaps 80 plays a game. He may need to shed 15-20 pounds, but one of his strengths is the ability to absorb hits and even dish out a few. Part of that is because of his size, which could be a help in the SEC West.

Some of his columns on our site now.


Some of his columns on our site now.

[/quote]You can find the Harry King articles that are on WHS here: http://www.wholehogsports.com/staff/harry-king/

I don’t know who the starting QB will be. However, I don’t believe it will be a true freshman since it is extremely rare for a true freshman QB to start. If I was betting, I would bet on Kelley starting. Kelley is a very good passer and he runs well enough to get a few yards on a running play and keep the defense honest. And there is a huge advantage to size. A 200 lb QB takes a awful lot of punishment when getting hit by a 190 lb defensive back. However, since momentum is conserved, it is the 190 lb defensive back, not the 270 QB, that is shaken up plus a 270 lb QB can absorb the hit and still get the pass off.