Harry King on War Memorial's future

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Great finish to the story when Harry said his rebuttal to the couple of million lost when a game is played in LR rather than NWA - “money isn’t everything’s”!


Except when it comes to college athletics. You better have the money to compete on coaching salaries and to spend on facilities. Because the ones with the money and who spend the money are the ones everyone else strives to be.

It’s a dilemma. Two games in LR would cost the athletic dept. nearly $8M. Even by today’s budget standards that’s a bunch of revenue to give up. On the other hand, there is real value in pleasing & creating fans in Central, Eastern & Southern Arkansas. Those people not only attend games & become donors, kids who fall in love with the Hogs become students. (I know this from a personal perspective. I first saw the Hogs in WMS & attended probably a dozen or more games there before I ever made it over the mountain to see a game in Fayetteville.)

There’s some strong PR value in playing in LR, but whether it’s worth $8M/year is a question I don’t know the answer to.


I was told long time ago that often a person takes a stand from where they sit.

The GSD is a classic example. From a non-emotional point of view, all home games should be held at the University. Alabama, Mississippi and others have made the appropriate transfer. However, UA is isolated in the NW corner of a relatively poor state with a relatively small population.

From what I have read, playing games at LR is at a financial and recruiting handicap which others are willing to accept without any sacrifice. It would be nice if the PTBs that desire games at LR would cover the gap in loss of revenue and find a solution to the recruiting challenges.

Then the UA playing games strictly at Fayetteville would lose leverage.

Until then, this drama will continue at the detriment of the football program.


Another $8 million would go a long way in helping pay down the huge “buyout” cost…whatever that’s going to be.

Not to mention the $20 million or so it could cost to swap out ADs, head coaches and assistants.