Harry King on OH

This is from last week’s magazine:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … must-read/

Great read - thanks for posting, Clay.

Outstanding … reading HK on OH is time well spent.

Clay, like so may have posted and told you over the years, I grew up reading your Daddy’s writing every day. Starting about the age of 10, I couldn’t wait for the mailman to deliver the Gazette so I could read about the Hogs or the Masters. He was among the last of the great sportswriters of his day. In those days, he was our link to an event and he had to describe the action for us, and he did. There was no internet, no TV game…unless you went to the Razorback games, he was the replay.

I got to meet Mr. Henry on the practice tee at Pine Bluff Country Club when he played golf one day with Mr. Jim Kennedy. This was shortly after Houston Nutt was hired to coach the Hogs. As you well know, he was none too pleased about the manner in which that fiasco played out.

It must be difficult to follow a legend that happened to be your Father, but I bet you enjoy it, and are so proud of him.

Harry pointed out in the article that OH would isolate himself to intently watch practice or rely on a coach he trusted (such as Wilson Matthews) to explain what was happening on the field. Clay has talked about doing simular things. The apple did not fall far from the tree. And we enjoy the benefits on Wholehogsports!

A great, great article.

He could dissect a football game, a horse race, basketball game, golf match, etc.etc. Like no one else. Monday morning after a football game was his best. Wish the state had a good sports editor again.

Great read for the 2nd or 3rd time.

Clay is a great man.

WHAT did Clay say about Jeff Long following a legend? Clay has managed after a legend quite well. I don’t read everyone’s posts but ever since Frank died and the magazine I’m looking at on my desk, I have always thought Clay has followed a legend.

AS far as I can remember I would drive or have my sister drive me all over town to get that paper. ALL BECAUSE of OH.

Those we’re the good old days. Like Mayberry. I live is a pretty nice neighborhood, and with a 6’ fence around it. Just the other day I heard about a robbery just 6 houses from MY HOUSE. Just a shame what the world has turned into. Jeff couldn’t follow a legend, Clay has just been hitting grand slams from the start.