Harry King on Arkansas' chances at NCAA Tournament

It is just amazing how much difference a truly great coach makes. CMA was a good coach, but no one believes that we would have the same success this year if he was still the coach.

Enjoy the rest of the season.

I believe CMA would have done great this year. They played better with Gafford on bench. Then on road in NIT, launched a speedy guard oriented offense with emerging 3 point shooter Sills with Joe and Jones with Chaney a monster in post v Providence.
SEC was junior / senior laden last season with battle tested teams like Tenn and the Admiral, Davis star guard Ole Miss, Weatherspoon Miss St and Gators K Allen. This season the Sec has come back to pack and our guys are a year better although shooting worse but not missing clutch free throws to blow 4 or 5 games last year.
Change was needed to get fanbase back excited. The complaint would be Mike didnt recruit a big man so we cant win this year. I will take win anyway we get it whether with talented guards or combo of guards and power forward. A team with center that cant hit free throws or spread floor with 3 point shooting, gets coach fired in todays hoops.

One thing I’ll add Anthony is Mike was recruiting JUCO bigs, and one probably was gonna commit. Then Mike got fired and he didn’t even visit.

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