Harry King in HI

Just got the Preview Issue of HI (great job again Clay). I read Harry. He is asked to pick the season in May which is impossible, but over the yrs. he has done pretty well. He only shows 2 games that The Hogs need not show up - Bama & Auburn - OK. He also gives TA&M high props - OK. What interest me is that he gets to the last 3 games at 6-3 coming off a 3 game streak. He has them losing the last 3 games, LSU, MState, and MO in close, hard fought games.

I would sure like to be 6-3 going into LSU with them coming off Bama and us an off week. Now I am not buying into anything and am certainly in the “show-me” state of mind, but that would be fun to go into those games looking at 7 wins (or more). If that happens, and I am very skeptical, I would be very pleased and think we could get one of those.

Oh well, that is what this time of year is all about. I still remember this same slow bunch being very lucky to beat (sort of) Coastal Carolina and not being able to stop Fayetteville HS, musch less SEC teams.

First we need to beat Eastern Illinois. I’ll have a much better feel for how this team functions after watching that one. I get it that we are “supposed” to win the first three games, but one game at a time has to be the mindset.

I do not expect to see all of “what we have installed thus far” in the non-conference games early in the season unless necessary. That could work in our favor as we progress through the season. Keep everyone guessing as to where we are and what we can do.

IF, IF they are 6-3, there is no way they will lose all 3 of their last games IMO…but I personally don’t see the 6-3 either

He picks us 6-6 most every year,