Harry Jones has died

Here is Tom Murphy’s obituary of Harry Jones, a starter on Arkansas’ national championship team and the first Razorback to make the cover of Sports Illustrated: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … -60s-dies/

So sorry, I loved watching him play during our dynasty years. He is truly an Arkansas legend.

He was a great Razorback. I remember watching him run back those two interceptions his sophomore year. You knew he was something special.

One of my childhood heroes… Part of the original group of Razorbacks I followed for the first time as a child… A great player, and I will miss him… My condolences to his family…

I remember watching him on sweeps…the guy was really fast with moves. A great player. If I remember correctly, as a soph, Jones touched the ball three to five times and scored every time. I can not remember the exact times he scored. I know it was two interceptions. It may have been a punt return or two, also.

Run Harry run, oh run you son-of-a-gun! Give the ball to Harry Jones. He was amazing. I am sure some of the younger guys have no idea just how great he was and what he meant to some of the greatest Razorback teams ever.

May God be with him and his family now.

Man I wore that record out when I was 7-8 years old. Just played it over and over over before flippin it over to Quarterbackin man for a little variety.

Two things:

  1. Jon Brittenum Quartebackin’ Man and Light Horse Harry Jones was the first record I ever owned. I was 3. Seeing I’m a professional musician, that says something I would think!

  2. Anyone know of any highlihgts of Harry Jones they could post to YouTube? To my shock, there was nothing. I sure wish the UA would release some old game footage…or the shows Rick did for awhile of old games. Archiving them would be easy if they put their mind to it.

Childhood Hero of mine. RIP Harry Jones.

There are just a few seconds of his running in this video:


Wonderful article

I guess every hog fan over age 60 remembers “Lighthorse” Harry Jones. I remember Alworth, but barely. I remember Harry very well.