Harris video

first, all the guys i saw interviewed were great. i think all or most mentioned team, knowing their role, etc. Good job hog sports, well done.

i chuckled at the end of harris video when he was asked about the number of plays. he said something to the effect at end of games we really didn’t have plays last year.

two different coaching styles and i can see benefit of both andersons and musselmans style. we are about to enter a detailed stat driven, more structured yet fast style of play. will be interesting to see. i am not sure how much to expect from this years team unless vanover gets his waver. we are going to be extremely small. have to shoot well to win and we all know at times shots just don’t fall. will be a work in progress.

reading reports elsewhere, not sure how much henderson will help, got blasted for not getting back on defense fast enough. But i am excited to see something different. we are on more names recruiting it seems, behind the curve on this years class.

can’t get here fast enough, but i like what i heard from the players. good job on media day guys.

I have noticed on many interviews that reporters are asking questions about changes in style, conditioning, culture, running plays, etc., trying to get the players to make a statement.

It seems like all the players have either been briefed or educated or are familiar with how to answer these questions as diplomatically as possible. There have been no direct statements that reflect badly on either the past or current regime. Sometimes one might get a hint from their expressions and demeanor, but that’s about it.

Mainly, it’s been ‘different, but both are good’. Lots of positives about the current situation though.

You know, Muss says he’s helping all these guys to become professional basketball players (whether here, or overseas). I’m wondering if talking to the media and being diplomatic is something they’re also learning.

They ALL did a great job. Wouldn’t surprise me.

I would be shocked if Muss didn’t have a thorough, detailed spiel on “being interviewed”. He seems to be completely absorbed in this head coach stuff, not just conditioning and plays, etc, but also the marketing stuff, social media stuff, the recognizing our past glories. He also seems to REALLY want his players to make money in basketball, after college. I’d really be shocked if he didn’t discuss everything from interview skills to eye contact, what to say, etc.

now that football season is over, I can’t wait for basketball to start!