Harris injury

How bad is his injury. Did he not get hurt and leave the game?

He came back in and played with no issues.

Assume he is fine.

Good thanks

Looked like a cramp to me. The Doc took him to the end of the bench and stretched him out then the trainer bought him some Gatorade to drink while he was being stretched.

Yep, that’s what it was.

We sure don’t need cramps hitting late in the year. Players need to stay hydrated.
2 years ago we had a chance until the cramps hit against North Carolina.
This years hogs may be young but there will be depth that we haven’t had in a few years.
We don’t need Harris or anyone else getting hurt. I’m looking forward to seeing Phillips get into action.
I’m hoping Henderson gains some steam and develops into a role to merit quality minutes by the time the conference schedule starts.

Funny thing about depth is that most teams looks deep at the start of the season. But as players start separating themselves, depth vanishes. It is too early to tell if this is a deep team.