Harold Horton’s grandson (Barrett Banister)

The Powells are a great family that I also number as close friends.

Tim and Holly Horton have been friends of mine since college. In fact, had a conversation with Tim on Monday.

Taylor should have been offered over Hyatt. That was my thought back then and remains the same now.

That being said, I am not sure Taylor would have come here.

I hate what has happened with the two transfers into Missouri and personally hope he moves on, but not sure he will.

Barrett was a very good high school receiver, but people would have flipped their lid if Arkansas had offered him a scholarship.

Playing here as a walk on was not going to happen after the Coach B/Coach Horton situation.

I do love he is having success. Good kid. Can remember him from just a few days after his birth.

The Byers thing has been discussed on here and nauseum. I did not and will not blame Arkansas on that one. In fact, he called me twice to say he had committed to Arkansas just to see if I would take the bait and report it in an attempt to embarrass the program. I was born at night, but not last night and go through a process.

Good facts, Duds. Thanks for the effort.

1st time you have mentioned this Dudley about Byer’s fake AR commitment?

Says a lot about his demeanor right there, but I’m sure there will be some on here excuse him.


It says all you need to know about his character.
The kind of people you don’t want to be around.

I too grew up with Tim in Fayetteville and very fond of him and his parents. Always love speaking with them when I see them when I am back home visiting, just fantastic people! Obviously some have disagreed with this already but I too agree that CBB screwed up by not keeping him on staff and it is clear he didn’t handle it well. His relationship (along with his Dad’s) with coaches in the State remind me a lot of CCM and the relationships he has and certainly would not have hurt us. One of many bad decisions by CBB during his tenure with the Hogs.

Tim’s been demoted.

https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/aubur … ssion=true

Gus would throw his own mother under the bus.

Gus would throw his own mother under the bus.

Oh please. Nothing at all against Tim, but Gus needs to do what he thinks best in order to win football games. Gus doesn’t owe Tim anything. Gus owes Auburn his assembly of the best possible coaching staff and then putting each member of it in the correct role. In Gus’s eyes this move yields that. Neither you nor I can dispute the merits of the move. It’s Gus’s to make. SEC coaches need to WIN. Gus knows that. He’s trying to be proactive at least. I’m sure his seat is warming mightily.


BIg Business requiring big boy decisions

Clay, Don was my high school football coach at El Dorado and hired me to coach there after college. He then went into the insurance business and later helped me get into it. I later hired his son Scott. Needless to say the Hortons mean a lot to me. I never knew your wife and Mary Jean were sisters. I have always enjoyed your writing.

I essentially agree with both, that a HC has to make tough calls based on what he thinks is best. But, I find it ironic that when Bielema slowplayed Horton (and ultimately offered him more money to stay but was still ripped when he left) it was viewed as sacrilege and it reportedly alienated a lot of the “old guard” right off the bat.

I’m not re-litigating Bielema. That’s over. He failed.

I just think it’s funny that when Gus begins his annual “blame anyone but me” firing(s) and demotion(s), he’s just making big-boy business decisions, but when others do so, they’re insulting everything and everyone associated with the program.

Seems like a double standard.

Painting with a broad brush here, but typically an Arkansas Media Person would pee in their pants before they would even hint at criticizing Gus. I don’t understand it, but it’s true.

I was never critical of Bielema for doing what he did with Tim. Not at all. But I do see your point. Arkansans tend to try and protect their own. Sometimes to an irrational degree. Except, in Gus’s case, when you are viewed as a traitor.

Never understood that sentiment or perception

There are some who love him and you can tell that, but the vast majority of the Arkansas media doesn’t have a good opinion of him as a person.

I can tell you there were a lot of media who were pleased he stayed at Auburn.

I did not criticize Bielema at the time, but you are correct some did. I’m usually pretty deferential to HCs early in their tenures and was in the case of Horton.

As for Gus I did not want him hired this last go around. My list consisted of 4 guys:

Norvell - top realistic choice
Gundy - pipe dream

We got one off of my list so I’ll support him through this tough rebuild.

I think the sentiment/perception comes from the fact that there are several media members wirh large audiences/readers/viewers who absolutely fawn over Malzahn and treat him like Knute Rockne while bending over backward to minimize his negatives and slam anyone who doesn’t fall all over him.

I can name a few, but won’t. They’re pretty obvious ones.

Back to an earlier post by Bureauhog, Mary Jean Horton is a sister of my wife’s mother. So It’s Uncle Don and Aunt Mary Jean for us. So Don and Bobby Ashcraft married sisters, Wanda Jo and Mary Jean Mills.

Jean Ann, my wife, is first cousin to Mark, Scott and Susan (Horton) Parrish. Here is one more twist. Susan’s son is Park Parrish, formerly the quarterback at Harding (two years back).

It’s a shame they can’t get all of the top players in the state of Arkansas to play for the Razorbacks.