Harold Horton’s grandson (Barrett Banister)

Has caught 3 passes for Missouri today. He walked on there.

Does anybody know if UA actively recruited him as a walk on?

I’m sure he was told that he was welcome to walk on. I suspect Taylor Powell going to Mizzou strongly influenced his decision. After seeing him play in the 2016 7-A championship game, I was convinced that he could help us.

Barrett was not pursued as a walk-on at Arkansas. I think he could have walked on, but he wasn’t chased after as a walk-on. Missouri wanted Taylor Powell and the relationship between Taylor and Barrett was important in Missouri’s decision to go over Barrett, too.

Its a shame what Beliema did to our program…how could you not recruit Barrett, Taylor Powell and Akial Byars…who did we take over Taylor Powell? Dalton Hyatt or Cole Kelley? Bret is a super nice guy, but he set us back 5 -10 years.

I think BB also soured the relationship between the U of A and the Hortons. If he had respected Tim Horton when he first came in things could have been much better.

Daulton Hyatt was the Dan Enos pick over Taylor Powell. Rory Segrest was the coach who found Hyatt in Alabama. Segrest coached the D-line and his son was the backup to Akial at Fayetteville. Of course, Segrest was fired by Bret Bielema.

I’m really close to this situation. I fish with Mark Powell. Sometimes Taylor goes along. Terrific family. I hunt with Harold Horton. I expect to be with Harold this coming weekend at Steel Wings Duck Club near Humnoke.

This kind of stuff will be discussed. It will be off the record.

I know the Horton family very well. I’m also sort of related. My wife is, since her dad and Don Horton (Harold’s brother) married sisters. If you are from DeWitt, then you know the Hortons and the Ashcrafts are close. I’ve had Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners with big groups of Hortons and Ashcrafts. Wild game was the main course. I’ve hunted and fished with Don and his sons, Scott and Mark.

My brother, Butch, lived across the street from Harold in the 80s when Butch was sports information director and Harold was on the coaching staff. Tim and Kyle Henry, Butch’s son, are the same age. Tim still sends Kyle a birthday card every year. Tim is the king of the note writers. I still get notes and texts from Tim. I got a text from Tim about 10 minutes ago wishing me Happy New Year. I know that Harold keeps him up to date on our family.

I was the sports editor at the Log Cabin in Conway when the UCA job came open and Harold eventually got it. I helped him run down the key people on the board, the school president and the AD. I was gone before he actually coached a game there.

My best friends in Conway would become his best supporters. The Craftons love the Hortons to this day, and vice versa.

I covered Barrett’s dad when he was the quarterback at Conway High. That would be Brian Bannister. He was a good golfer and we’d play together in Conway when he was in high school. Those were always fun days. I could beat him when he was in junior high, but not when he got to Conway High.

I could go on and on. You get the picture.

It’s a shame that every kid who plays high school football in Arkansas can’t play for the Razorbacks.

Seems AR used to be the program that had under recruited in state kids that we would get that turned out to be good solid players for us. “Diamond in the Roughs” so to speak. I prefer to think “Desire to be a Hog” term.

Now I think to much focus is so on bringing in out of state kids (which we have to do with the obviously talented ones to compete), but a few of those get the nod over some in state kids when their isn’t that much difference in talent. These are usually the in staters that want nothing more than to be a Hog & want to prove why.

CBB not retaining Horten was his first blunder right out of the gate. Should have done his homework there.

So, do we get to make judgement on all of these “players” after they have gone somewhere else and played? We need scholarship players who can play, not some who are beat out by walk-ons.

As to Horton, we haven’t missed anything with him gone.

As the world turns… The kid’s in a bad position now at Missouri since they’re bringing in 2 transfer QB’s

You are correct as just so happens we have had some in state walk ons beat out scholarship players with previous staff.

That’s why the Point I was trying to make is I’d rather take an in state walk on over an out of state one when talent level is similar & same for scholarship players.
Only talking about 1-2 players that come along every few years.

As for Horten I beg to differ.

It doesn’t matter where the players come from, talent is talent. The old “they love the helmet” went out with the internet/every game is on TV age. As to Horton, tell me what we lost?

One major change that prevents that is the limit on scholarships. Back when Broyles was coaching, we could give 60 scholarships. Broyles would often offer the hometown hero a scholarship. More often than not, they didn’t make it. However, it also made it easier for a coach to instill discipline. If a player failed to give full effort, there were several behind him who could step in.

Yep that made it more probable to find a kid way under the radar in those days. Plus not all of this media stuff & limited exposure.
I believe their were some playing football while under scholarship in another sport.

Well duh, of course you want the most talented kids you can get from anywhere. We all know the old days are gone & 105 kids in the program & the new age is here - internet/look at me & my highlight tape. For the 3rd time all I’m saying is I would rather take an in state kid over an out of state kid of “equal talent”.

As for Horten, I thought he helped a lot with getting the in state kids & relationship with AR HS coaches. (Same as Barry Lunney). Maybe we would have got a couple that went elsewhere. Gus wasted no time picking him up for that reason.
To each their own.

I don’t know Powell. Sounds like a good kid and a good player.

Also sounds like he has an uphill battle at Mizzou. They signed Bryant and also brought in the TCU QB transfer.

No being an insider but just having suspicions from what I observed from the outside, it seems that Long came in with an attitude of breaking with the past and disrespecting former Razorbacks. It began by running Chuck Dicus off from the foundation and alienating Bill Montgomery and those from that era. Tim Horton gave up the offensive coordinator job at Air Force to return to Arkansas and stuck with Arkansas through the Petrino years and started with Bielema before he was left hanging in the air before Gus rescued him. He was the lowest paid coach even though he was a major help in recruiting in Arkansas. He deserved better treatment than Long and Bielema gave him. Even today, Horton’s replacement, Lunney is one of the lower paid assistants despite being a valuable coach and recruiter.

I respectfully disagree. Tim Horton was a good running back coach and the recruiting coordinator for the Hogs. His leaving severed a bunch of recruiting connections. His leaving, along with Coach B criticizing the Shotgun formation run by a great many high schools in Arkansas, hurt the Hogs relationship with high school coaches. Perhaps Tim being well like by all he came in contact with could have helps offset the disaster caused by Coach B’s big mouth insulting Texas high school coaches.

Lunney has done anything that Horton could do, and he wasn’t liked by all, lol. My son played on a team that had two different players recruited by Horton/Petrino, I knew their parents very well. It wasn’t a love affair by every high school coach. Tim was fine, but he wasn’t anything extraordinaire, or anything that wasn’t easily replaced. We lost in-state players when he was here, just as we do now, different recruiting world.

I also think it’s a mistake to assume that every high school coach in Arkansas is part of the GOB network and can’t wait to send one of their kids to Fayetteville. There are numerous coaches that have absolutely no allegiance to the Hogs… pretty sure one of them lives in Camden.

I think it’s much, much more important how the head coach treats the high school coaches. They realize it’s the recruiting coordinator‘s job but they want to see what the head coach does