Hard to watch..

What a pitiful looking basketball team !!!

Think I shocked them…11-0 run to end the half!

What channel?


If the team plays the 2nd half the way they played the last 3 mins, they’ll win going away.

Is Macon injured, I haven’t seen him since he left, after his fall. He OK?

good question. I think CMA may just be going with the unit the ended the run in first half. Which was a great decision. Props to CMA for that.

Macon turned his ankle in the first half.

Now back in

Yep, he’s back in. Think you’re right. Good decision by CMA

Thanks Dudley

Ok, what’s going on with the refs calling every little foul against Williams. He’s being super physical to us, yet if we touch him it’s a foul. This is getting ridiculous.

We are at TN, did you really expect neutral officiating?


Good finish and good win HOGS !!!

I was pretty impressed with the Vols, shoot pretty well and play hard, but with competent officiating, I think it would have been a double digit win. Don’t know how the scoring breakdown was between the two units, but in past games where the second unit looked very good offensively, tonight’s second unit looked a bit out of sync to me.

Update: Guess I was wrong, because SEC Network sports said the bench scoring was 38 points, last night. Maybe it was because the second half starting lineup was different than the first half lineup, so Beard’s contribution was part of the bench totals. Anyway, a good win.