Hard to believe

There are no changes on the offensive line. After watching 50 get run over time after time it’s actually amazing that our offensive line personel is so inept we have apparently no one to replace him with. We have really failed at this position in recruiting. No wonder Pittman left. Maybe he wasn’t the beat all recruiter we were led to believe.

There may be changes, but I don’t think Arkansas is going to advertise them before the game. Bielema plays personnel changes close to the vest unless it involves an injury.

If they were going to have any changes, they would not announce it to the other team on Monday.

So I wouldn’t assume that nothing will change.

But clearly Arkansas misevaluated OL recruits and didn’t sign enough

I know we have 3 committed and coach said that 1 more for sure, possibly 2 if it was the right one. Question is, any legitimate options out there? I would still Sign 5 the next 2 classes.

It is unfair to take shots at Raulerson when he has a bad ankle and that is why he is having trouble.

They’ve changed the OL a couple of times this year already without changing the depth chart, so who knows.

I understand Raulerson’s ankle is gimpy, but I think the ankle problem is more significant for him because he’s not a road grader/huge body type. His technique needs to be really good to get the job done because he is not going to just maul DL, and has trouble maintaining his base if it gets down to raw strength on raw strength.

I kind of wonder if the short-term answer is just to put a bulky/ play in a phone booth guy in there until Raulerson gets well or some one better can step in. If you do that you probably have to throw out the plays that require a lot of pulling, movement or agility at that position. You cut down the offense, but maybe you get a better push in the running game between the tackles and some one that can hold up to a bull rush a bit better.

Not true. Raulerson has been mauled all season long. A side note: Raulerson is at Arkansas because he lost his job at Texas to a true freshman. If we had anything close to the OL we had last year he wouldn’t be starting. He probably would not have even earned mop-up time on last year’s Arkansas team.

There are several who would not start if there were viable options with experience and ability. I was interested to hear Dan Enos say Monday that Hjalte Froholdt should be a backup learning his trade this season. But, he’s the best option right now at left guard. Denver Kirkland would knock one of these offensive linemen out of the starting lineup if he had returned, and he should have returned. But that would still leave one of them (Raulerson or Froholdt) starting. I thought Raulerson played decent against Ole Miss. That was probably his best game.

For a coach that builds everything around great OL play how and why we got ourselves in to this mess is worthy of a deep dive by somebody. It seems to me to be a a good ole case of program mismanagement, but perhaps there are good reasons for it. I don’t know what they are though.

The blame always starts with the head coach. I did think the reason Sam Pittman was hired was because he was a great recruiter. Sam told me that he always handled O-line evaluation and then targeted them, anywhere in the country. I figure that’s why he bailed. And, he did bail. The reason that he gave friends last year was that he wanted to be with Jim Chaney. But I figure he saw this coming and knew they were out of offensive linemen. He should have known better than anyone.

It was this time last year (actually a few weeks earlier) that I talked to Sam about the future of the offensive line. He expected to get Denver Kirkland back. He thought Brian Wallace could play either tackle or guard, and figured he might get one year at guard, then pop out to tackle as a junior. He said, “We really are in need of another guard because Frank Ragnow is going to be the center. It’s probably going to have to be a junior college player.” Two were signed. Malone was targeted by Pittman. Ramirez was targeted after Pittman left, by Kurt Anderson. So Pittman knew at this time last year that there was no one in the pipeline to be that fifth linemen that was needed to fill in the gap left when they lost Kirkland early. Pittman was pretty convinced Kirkland was coming back, because he had a bad shoulder and probably wouldn’t be ready for the combine or the draft.

Jake was expected to be a starter at Texas this season. There were other things that led him to leave Texas.

What does Johnny Gibson look like in practice? He’s a massive guy and you’d think he could at least play in some short yardage situations…
Jalen Merrick was said to be very big and athletic, but lacked football experience. Is he developing well? Could we see some of him this season?

There’s the problem.

If we don’t get to see practice, you have to rely on what coaches say - which may or may not be accurate.

Merrick is second team, but has played little. Some of that could be do to injuries, but likely more that he hasn’t developed the way the former OL coach, the current one and head coach thought he would

Richard, I certainly don’t know the other things you refer to but I do know that Raulerson was beat out as the starting center by a true freshman. Charlie didn’t try to talk him out of leaving either.

They didn’t compete for the spot. He announced he was leaving in Dec. and didn’t go through spring practice. He was expected to start if he didn’t leave. Would have Shackleford beaten him in the spring? No idea.


there going to put a79 year old man at tackle me thats who ha ha

Just simply not true, that he is only having problems since the ankle injury. Go watch the film of all the games. He’s been pushed around a considerable amount.

Are you watching Arkansas STATE games because you are off base.