Hard to believe we're going to play today in that kind of wind I

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a baseball game being played with the wind blowing 40 to 45 mph. It is going to be an insane game to try to play…
I would think it would be horrible game for a pitcher to try to pitch in, definitely not very good for your arm as if we needed another potential arm injury

Bad weather, but could be a great game for us.

Billy, the weather is awful here…cold, drizzle, wind.
I can’t believe we are gonna play today.

It’s certainly gonna be interesting if they play.

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The forecast has changed quite a bit from yesterday. The wind gusts are now forecast to be up to 25 mph. The rain is beginning to clear out.

It’ll be cold and overcast, but I expect them to play, probably on time. I’m about to head to the ballpark.

Yes I saw that there was really no chance of rain and that we would get the game in I was really more concerned about the wind chill if it was 40 to 45 mph winds… we played several in 25 so won’t be anything that drastic

The hogs can’t afford another pitcher to go down.

No and I hurt my arm on a very windy cold day just like today.