hard to believe we are not top 35

for Basketball Times evaluations over the last 10 years:

taken from Belmont who was proud of their number 7 ranking.

http://www.belmontbruins.com/sports/m-b … tamped.pdf

" The initial standard for consideration is winning at least two-thirds of all games played over the past 10 seasons, which narrowed 351 NCAA Division I programs to 35.

From there, Basketball Times used six equally weighted criteria: winning percentage, number of NBA players, federal graduation rate, U.S. News & World Report academic peer assessment, program cleanliness, and head coach ranking.

The criteria are subjective, but discreet polls are designed to reduce individual bias. Points were awarded on a sliding scale, from 35 points for a first-place vote to one point for a last-place vote, with 350 being the highest possible cumulative score.

Basketball Times created a 10-member panel of the most experienced and respected college basketball journalists in the country: Nicole Auerbach, Rick Bozich, Ken Davis, Blair Kerkhoff, Angela Lento, Mike Lopresti, Randy McClure, Kevin McNamara, Mike Waters and Dick “Hoops” Weiss. "

If we were to win two thirds of our sec games we would be top 4 seed and a likely sweet 16

Ya we haven’t been there in a while