Hard to believe this is the same A&M team that

beat us so badly. :?

I don’t root for the Aggies very often. When I do, they always lose. Wish we could play them later in the season.

This. Sumlin is Coach September, but by November they’re always back to earth a bit.

They got out coached by a very good Bill Snyder who has done this his entire career. The team believes in coach Snyder and he had a good game plan to beat A&M last night. Sumlin teams always seem to be on the verge of blowing you out or just laying down and quitting, many guys want to play for Sumlin and when they do they want out for some reason. Can’t figure out the defections that go on there, having said that his teams are always dangerous in the early part of the season. Sure hope we can figure them out next season for a win and better recruiting opportunities in that area. WPS

All I know is that sumlin has coach b’s number. Embarrassing. Our defense looked horrible this year against them. And they weren’t that good. If we don’t find a way to beat them next year then our record is going to be about the same as it was this year or worse. Starting league play 0 and 1 every year sets the stage for mediocrity

ESPN posted a graphic about the amount of plays that the A&M defense is exposed to which accounted for an additional 3 games of plays. Their offense is killing their defense. Period.