Hard to believe this guy's ERA is almost 5

Dang he has a mid-90s fastball and a Wipeout breaking ball. Going to be tough if you can locate like he did in the first inning

That ball just got relocated.

Coleman has 90 strikeouts, but the knock is that he walks a few. He has 42 walks on the season. He’s good. Opponent batters hit just .231 against him. By comparison, opponents hit .224 against Blaine Knight. They both are good. Knight has 88 strikeouts coming in, but just 17 walks. Walks in college baseball are a key stat.

He walks a lot of people. If you don’t swing at pitches out of the zone, you can have success against this guy.

Guys like this are very hard to hit because you can’t get comfortable in the Box. We got our work cut out for us we’re going to pull this one out

We played right into their hands.

Yep…our approach last night was awful