Hard road to hoe?

Lots of people make this mistake, but Jimbo is quoted as saying something is a “tough road to hoe”. As someone with one private road leading to two gardens, I think it should be “tough row to hoe”, I have used a hoe on several of my garden rows but never my road, the latter would be hard indeed. You would think a coach at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical would know the difference.


Well my dad used that a lot. I think I too have used that term myself.

Where did the expression a hard row to hoe come from?

In farming and gardening, to hoe a row is to turn a line of soil for the planting of seeds or bulbs. This is the origin of the idiom tough row to hoe, which describes a large, challenging task. A literal tough row to hoe might be one that is long or that involves hoeing dirt with lots of rocks or roots.

It’s an old farmers term. I can attest as a very young teenager, summer jobs were hoeing soy bean fields. Rows and rows and rows of them.
Tough row to hoe. Maybe Jimbo hoed the roads which would be tougher still. Who knows. However I doubt he’s ever hoed much at all.

I know a thing about a “tough row to hoe”. When I bought my 26 acres in Dade county Missouri I didn’t realize I wasn’t buying any soil.

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Maybe he subscribes to Hugh Freeze’s method of hoeing :crazy_face:


A grammatical pet peeve of mine as well but doesn’t hold a candle to “should of, could of, would of” in lieu should’ve etc. :upside_down_face::smiley:

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That “ain’t nuthin” compared to the trouble I got into when my wife was out with a hoe trying to get some of the weeds out of my garden and I referred to her when a neighbor came by as “my hoe’er”.

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Me too… so I’ve always said ‘row to hoe’. Once you’ve spent a summer semi bent over with a hoe handle in your hands and covered with calluses, you will not think of it any other way.

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Not a Jimbo fan, so I am biased, but I have some difficulty in understanding why he is thought to be such a great coach. Both at FSU and A&M he has enjoyed tremendous advantages in programs with outstanding resources and talent. He inherited Bowden’s juggernaut in Tallahassee and has a program and Alumni base in College Station when handed the gift of NIL could and would buy Tom Brady. All this said, his results lag his advantages.

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My Grandpa always told me the toughest “roe to hoe” was the one that had the most weeds as it was time consuming to get rid of weeds without taking out the vegetable plant in that row. Old saying goes back a long way, hope we hoe the Aggies out and extend our perfect season. WPS

Trust me, the Aggies now know they have Aggied themselves with Jimbo.


I can’t say that I didn’t hoe down a few plants in my day when I was really gettin after those weeds. As they say “feces occurs” (BTW I substituted the polite version for what “THEY” say) :slight_smile:

You beat me to it. :joy:

I remember those days all to well, back breaking bending over running that hoe. WPS

There are plenty of fields I worked in around Forrest City every summer from the 8th grade on. They were a tough row to hoe. :joy:

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