Harbaugh to hire Dan Enos

Good for him. That 1st year he was hired, when we still had a good OL, we had a very good offense with B Allen, Collins, Henry, Sprinkle and Drew Morgan. He still had moments of brilliance these last 2 years even with the implosion of our OL. He will do great things there with the way Michigan recruits. He was way more impressive to me than our former HC.

I agree Navy. Coach Enos was a good one. Enos will have Shea Patterson to lead his offense. Michigan will finally have a good offense under Jim Harbaugh.

I hate this. I like Enos, but don’t care for Harbaugh and really have a hard time rooting for Michigan, especially since they dropped our home-and-home. Would have been interesting going against an Enos offense with our defense.

I’m an Enos fan. Not enough Jimmy’s and Joe’s.

Huh? Seemed to me Off was never a problem while he was here, unless you mean No Jimmy’s and Joe’s on Def

Not enough Jimmy’s and Joe’s up front

True, but 6 of the 12 games they scored between 39 and 49, that in itself should have resulted in 6 wins with a Def

What Jackson said. When there was good talent, especially up front, Enos’ offense is very good. Seems like a good guy. I’m a fan of his. Too bad he ended up in Michigan. I can’t stand Michigan but I hope they start beating the Suckeyes regularly.

Enos could score points, but his play calling in critical moments usually left me heavily pissed off. Really got questionable in the last two minutes or so of a tight game.

I’ll never in my life forget that dribble pass play, hands down, the single worst play call I have ever seen.

Enos is a very good one.

He gave us every op to win even when didn’t have a line.

Thought he was best assistant hire we have had in years.

Evidently Harbaugh who knows NFL and college thinks so as well.

It seemed to me that he contributed far more than
average. He will likely do well at Michigan.

When looking at the teams in that conference,
there are some strong staffs at most schools.
I expect Nebraska will become a major difficulty
for that bunch. Frost seems to be of a very high
caliber and I imagine his staff will reflect the same.

Frost brought entire staff from UCF. Will be interesting to see how they do in Lincoln.

Haven’t read all the threat so not sure if the trend

But count this Razorback fan as happy for coach Enos

I’ve like almost all the coaches Coach Bret brought in esply his first group

It’s sad that it didn’t work out at Arkansas but looks like coach Enos is taking a better job after Arkansas

Happy for him

Fayetteville by a mile over Ann Arbor.
You can almost smell Detroit from Ann Arbor.

Since he is very familiar with Michigan and their
weather, he will be fine. He will do well.
I think we were fortunate to have him.

Hard for me not to be happy for people when they get a new job or promotion.

Dan had a hell of a year dealing with his dad’s health and death. I wish him and other coaches well.

Dan Enos was a class guy and a good football coach for our Hogs. I expect he will continue to be a valued asset for anyone wise enough to add him to their team. I often thought he was under appreciated while at the U of A by those outside of the state and was even blamed at times for a shift away from the running game (which most believe was more about the ineffectiveness of the OL). I predict he will flourish in his new assignment AND get some long deserved credit as a bright offensive mind.

Happy for Enos. Great coach

Did this free up any money with Arkansas per his contract?