Happy with a 3-7 record?


It seems very strange for me to be happy with a 3-7 football record. I can’t ever remember being proud of a team with a losing record. Weird huh?

What do y’all think? Are you happy too with a 3-7 record? Which coulda, shoulda been perhaps a 5-5 or 6-4 record?


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I think most will agree with team should have four wins right now because of the botched ending at Auburn. Based on some of the predictions before the season and what had happened the last three years, three or four SEC wins — however you look at it — is a strong achievement for a first-year coach.

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I can’t say I am happy with a 3-7 record. It IS better than I thought it would be, but the Auburn, LSU and Missouri games leave me somewhat dissatisfied. Yes, the officials screwed us in Auburn, but we put our self in the position to get screwed. Missouri. Giving up 24 points in the 4th quarter including a game losing FG after going ahead with less than a minute to go, that really got to me.

I would be a lot more “satisfied” with 5-5. Again, we did better than expected, but that is different than being “satisfied.”


Same here!

On Sept 23, I’d have been thrilled with a 3-7 record. However, my feelings are much like Greg’s. Still, the 2 close losses & the 1 screwing we got at Auburn makes be really happy with where we are. Had we been healthy we’d have beaten both MO & LSU. Disappointing finishes to both games, but last year we weren’t in any SEC game at the start of the 4th quarter.

So, yeah, I’m reasonably satisfied. A bowl win will leave a good taste in my mouth for the off season. I don’t know if we can get anyone who has been injured back by then. I’d like to have Morgan. Hope KJ is good to go. Hope Franks is well.

Not happy, but content. The program is trending upwards.


I am Ecstatic, Thrilled, Over the Moon, and Giddy! How can you not be after what we have endured. Satisfied absolutely not, but Happy? Not just Yes…But Hell Yes! It was fun to watch the Hogs again. It was amazing to watch a team play hard and fight until the end…Absolutely Happy as Hell!


Happy? Nope

Ecstatic? Definitely

Our 2020 record with the regular 12 game schedule (including 3 non-conference wins against Kent St, Charleston So, & LA Monroe) would have been 6-6 or 7-5 if you include the Auburn stolen win. I assumed the ND game to be a loss.

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Take away the two games we shouldn’t have played and we are 3-5. Go 3-1 in non con and we are 6-6. Yes I’m happy.

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Thrilled. For this season and for the future.

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Previously at HI/WHS, I predicted a four win season with a major upset. I was off by one game in the win column but ofer for any major upset.

Overall, the Hogs exceeded the vast majority of our expectations and for the most part, played with effort, grit and determination. Considering it was the first year for the new coaching staff, C19 year, year of 2020, no spring ball, players opting out, SEC officiating, etc…I thought the Hogs did quite well compared to recent seasons past. Need to stop giving up leads in the fourth quarter. But I guess that’s a sign of lack of depth more than anything else.

I am looking forward to the early signing period starting Wednesday. Hoping we get a couple of happy block buster surprises. Add in a bowl game and spring ball (2021), the outlook for the 2021 season shall be good.

My biggest concern for next season will be QB. Will Franks return? Will KJ be healthy? Will the others have the speed, arm strength, football IQ and toughness to win in the SEC?

After QB, my concerns immediately go the trenches. Man, do we need some mean dominating SOBs on both sides. I’m confident the kicking game will be improved with the new recruits and a spring/summer of working everything out.

What are y’alls expectations for 2021?


Seems like we were a heavy underdog going into the MSU game. Were again in the Auburn game. I’d say you were right on the major upset—either game.

After the watching the last 3 years before Coach Pitman I’m relieved to see the fight and hope for our hogs!
3-7 isn’t what I’m satisfied with it’s the way the hogs played on the field.
This should have been a 6-4 season!
The players finally got some coaching and have confidence in the coaches.
It was fun to watch this season and i can’t wait to see how much they improve by next season
The mistakes by special teams was the most disappointing part of the season.
Maybe we can see some defensive changes that could allow a shift away from the rush 3 and drop 8.
Recruiting is where our hogs have to catch up with Jimmy’s and Joe’s.
Wouldn’t it be nice to see some depth at LB !

Not quite happy with that. Not happy with players lining up offside at Missouri. What. 3 times? That kind of lack of attention to detail is not dependent on talent. These players have been playing for six or more years and they don’t understand line of scrimmage? Not happy with the Auburn finish. Not the fault of the Razorbacks, but not happy. Not happy with the LSU game because I feel fate conspired against us. With a full defensive line we could have won that game. Why couldn’t we have lost one player from each position. Almost the whole defensive front? C’mon man!

A lot of teams took the Arkansas game for granted & played us overconfident in believing we were a guaranteed win for them.

Opponents will not take the Arkansas game so lightly next year, which along with the loss of Franks, could make 2021 more difficult for us to repeat the success that we had in '20.

Hopeful we can keep Odom & Briles on staff for at least another year.

True, but we were betting underdogs in every game we played. Seems like it was 18 points or so against MSU. I’d call our win a major upset. We were also significant dogs when we played Auburn. I’ll call that one a win even if the official score shows us losing.

Do you believe that the betting odds will be closer in '21 & that these will be easier or more difficult games for Arkansas to win? Still determining my expectations for next year.

Fortunately for us & many others, Aub underperformed this year in most of their games due to Gus & Chad.

I certainly believe the betting odds will be closer in '21. We’ll be perceived as a better team next year than we were this year. If we improve the way I hope, we’ll win more games next year, but no SEC game will be easy. I don’t remember who we have on the non-conf schedule for next year.

Everybody else will improve next year as well. It won’t be any easier next year.