Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all hogs fans and the staff here on Wholehogsports a Happy Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for. God bless you all!


Happy Thanksgiving right back to you Army we have so much to be thankful for no doubt!! Let’s enjoy the feast tomorrow and get ready for another Razorback victory! WPS


Happy Thankgiving to our Razorback friends and family.

Also to all of the service members and their families worldwide. This is our first Thanksgiving that our son has not been with us, but at least he’s scheduled to make it home for Christmas.


Happy Thanksgiving to all! :turkey::plate_with_cutlery::maple_leaf:

I’m in Tulsa enjoying time with family. I saw some today and more tomorrow. It’s been a real treat. I’ll be out of here early Friday and head to the game to see the Hogs win!


Same to everyone. Made it Son’s place and will do the Thanksgiving thing tomorrow. Then to Fayetteville to see The HOGS get #8


In 45 minutes it will be Turkey Day, so Happy Thanksgiving to all Razorback fans.


I meant 15 minutes. Coffee was too strong.

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Ditto everyone. No go break out the extra large sweat pants and head to the man cave for dome football!

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope everyone is safe!

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Happy Thanksgiving to my Hog family.

I am thankful for the civility as we discuss our beloved Hogs and matters close to them.

Blessings to you and yours.

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Happy Thanksgiving, knuckleheads. We get riled up here because we care. But we’re all Hogs.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us in the Bluegrass and her Razorback holdouts

May your day be filled with joyous memories - and be your meal an MRE and coffee black to the finest Holiday menu with wine or bourbon cheer - let it sustain you not only in body but in heart and soul as well

A very blessed Thanksgiving to Coach Sam for restoring hope and joy to those who love Arkansas

And very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you For later today I’ll raise a Woodford toast - and a Wild Turkey Single barrel with the turkey roast

Go Hogs Go

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Happy Thanksgiving to all! So thankful to have grown up in The Land of Opportunity and to have my name in the Senior Walk! Blessings to all of you and all things Razorback!

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What?? No Wild Turkey?:wink:

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Americans have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I fell into my preferences but yes why not both with a Wild Turkey Single barrel toast ?

I’ll modify the original post


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Happy Thanksgiving everybody, thank you for allowing me to show my passion, good and bad on this board everyday,love you guys .God bless you all


One thing I enjoy so much is the passion - it’s like a virtual sports bar

Each thread is a table to sit and share some of the discussion is just joyous fun facts are free and loose but the love for the Arkansas Razorbacks is rich and deep

There is the quite safe sage table where Clay and Matt sit

There is the disinterested leave me alone at my bar table - I’m not a fan - I simply work here

There is the grumpy old man table with give me facts and my facts are better than yours

There is I just want to remember the good old days table - with vast knowledge of great Razorbacks past

There is the let’s lay low table so I don’t get beat up table by asking a dumb question - but I love the Razorbacks and in awe of those who are inside table

There is the fidgety wringing hands table calculating hopes of Victories future

Then there is the silent people watching table - enjoying their beer taking it all in - chuckling at the comedy going on around them - egging it on with a heart vote here and there

It’s a fun place to be - float around the room - sit a spell and enjoy this Razorback Sports bar - just enough to keep the seat warm - stir the pot a little - watch the passion flow and love all the Razorback fans for what they know and the personality of fun they are

It’s a community you know - centered on loving a place - a state - a University- a team that is our ambassadors of the home we love

So I left a toast - it’s passion youdaman at its best - Go Hogs Go


Best wishes and happy Thanksgiving to all . Egg Bowl will be great way to finish off the day

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Yes every type fan can be represented and let their personality be displayed…