Happy Thanksgiving

Since I will be on the road to Columbia tomorrow, I offer this for your viewing pleasure:
(BTW, this is the complete episode)


I give thanks to Marty for finding this. It is easily one of the great episodes of a great TV show. There’s a lot to like here. They celebrate this in Yellville with the great turkey drop, much to the dismay of some animal rights (is that the right word) folks. Got to love a turkey drop.

Thanks Marty. We need more shows like WKRP! I’m still laughing.

We all know folks like each character in this show. Classic!

Awesome Marty
And have a safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving as well.

Uh, wasn’t Herb originally from AR?

Yes, Frank Bonner was born in Little Rock and grew up in Malvern. His Herb Tarlek character generally had a Hog coffee mug on his desk, although I don’t recall any overt references to the character being from Arkansas.