Happy New Year ! Cryptic 339

Even those unable to read my texts. Doctors say I have ADD. THINKING at the speed of light. I just hang on to the thought Mr Clay Henry stated many years ago about a lot of he stated he hated for a menmber that anyonet has something to say but did not WAS doing a disserservice to the board. and I’ve been just busy.

For many moons I feel optmism and hope ih the air. True hope and a chance for progess.

As for me in 10 days I will be 66 years old. My Right knee is better. But I did have my big toe got infected and an in grown toenail. Mercy they hurt.My left knee is killing me. I CAN NOT play any sport, like golf that I love to playIt’s my bad neck.Is killing me. I have come to some kind of conclusion becase my neck after typing just this amout it frlke a couple at stabbing me with about 3 ice picks.

In a 3 state area nobody will touch my neck. But In Ft Smith we have 2 new (husband & wife) Neurosugeons.and I am found possibley somebody with hope.or somebody to try or have suggiontone what to do.I have said NO more surgeries in Ft Smith, PERIOD end if story. BUT I’m hurting so bad I’ready to Jump (off the ledge 10,000 feet dow. )

Sam is the differance and a hope and vision. The man can make friends (young and old quickely)

I feel 1 of the mose important words in is world hope. Think that over. Remember those that have passed away. But I am here. Somebody more powefull that me something is up. Sports at thbe U of A is trending up. Fragile and tied but their is more hope in the tank. Enery is in the tank. I’m being carried and new life is in me. And then alot of us are being carried by that one man.

Something is passing HOPE around and giving out that HOPE out freely.

I jumped but somehow then I was being pulled up to the top of water . The farther we went rhe more strength is getting stronger. God has a plan and it not time to go. some will hit rocks and the HOPE is gone. The lucky ones should work to give back what has been given to you so freey.

Carry on and Hope for every one who will reach and siege this moment freely thatgivin to You So freely…

WPS !! Happy New Year.

Happy New Year 339. Prayers for improved health in 2020!

Sorry to hear about your back - had back troubles myself and when you are in extreme pain like that it consumes you.

Like you, surgeons don’t want to operate on my father ( stenosis, two degenerated discs, etc.). Please keep us updated if the new Fort Smith husband/wife team provide you some relief.

Hang in there!