Happy Independence Day

The celebration might be a little different this year, but it is still a celebration.


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It still has a true meaning.
Thanks Marty.

Just got back from our little town’s fireworks show. A little town, but a mighty show since they store year round here for all the shows in the rocky mountain Region and they do this as a service to the community. No protest or flag burning or anything of the sorts. Just a bunch of people out enjoying the show and nice night together.

We live in TN but we’re about 3 miles from Ringgold Georgia (about the size of Sheridan AR). They line the downtown area with our American Flag on the 4th every years. Hundreds of flags around town. It’s very impressive. We’ll make the drive over to see this great sight again this year.

Our Nation is 244 years old today. Happy Birthday to this great country. We are lucky to be citizens in this great nation.



Amen. This is a great day in the lives of all people and nations that yearn to be free, or remain free.


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