Happy Independence Day!!

Yes. A blessing to have been born in the USA.

Freedom ain’t free. A dear price in pain and sacrifice was paid.

Hope all have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.

After reading David McCollough’s books “John Adams” and “1776” a few years ago, I developed more of an appreciation of Independence Day. I recommend those two books to any American. They should be required reading for students in our public schools, in my view. I learned more about American history and how the country was formed by reading those books than I did when I studied about the subject in school. The books are long, but are brilliantly written…John Adams won a Pulitzer Prize. John Adams may be the best book I have ever read other than the Bible.

I’ve read many of McCullough’s books, all of them are good reads. Another of my favorites is Mornings on Horseback about the early life of Teddy Roosevelt.

Those are the only 2 books I have read by him. What about the book about the building of the Golden Gate bridge…would you recommend it?

You must mean the Brooklyn Bridge. It is absolutely fascinating. He explains the technology and how it came to be used.

The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge