Happy for the kids on that team and the Coach....

I saw a clip of our dressing room after the LSU victory…those kids were so happy…it was so cool…

Coach Anderson and the team should be so proud of that effort and victory. I feel bad for bitching at the coach and the team sometimes, but it is times like this that make me remember I am a Razorback fan.

Go Hogs Go…what a win…

Where did you see that clip?

Yeah it was good. So happy for them. Made shots, played so hard(always do). Always good beating LSU, and the SEC script. They tried hard, it was wrestling gone wrong. There should be an investigation and people fired. Just over the top fix was in and and blew it. Shot making overcomes a lot. It was an embarrassing obvious scandalous officiated game.

Anderson dancing in the dressing room was classic.

Where are you guys seeing these post game clips?

Twitter. Search Razorback Basketball or @RazorbackMBB


Don’t have twitter so can someone post it.

I also need to eat some “crow”. I have been hard on Gabe and Bailey for poor play on the court. Today they made plays.
Those plays for sure outweighed their mistakes by a long shot.

It was pretty obvious the fix didn’t work.
Letting a press to be used and allowing the fouls to happen and not blowing the whistle was just cheating at its best. The SEC needs to review the tape

32/ 38 from the feee throw line for LSU
7/11 for the hogs.
Plain and simple those refs aren’t blind or have see and eye dogs so they need to be fined and fired.

Guys, Twitter is not a disease that requires disinfecting. It’s a website and an app, doesn’t cost a thing, and you basically get what you want to see. Follow Razorback sites, Dudley, etc., and you’ll only get what you want.

Coach was dancing like a kid, very fun to see him enjoy it that much


Jalen Barford said he was wrong for doing that dance. :lol:

I’m right there with you guys! For as upset and disappointed I get when we don’t play well or lose ball games, these games like last night just fill me with so much happiness and remind me why I love being a razorback fan. Fills me with so much pride.
That reminded me of some of the old trips down to the “deaf dome” when Nolan just owned Dale brown even with Shaq.
I remember Scotty goin off for like 31 down there one time too.