happy for Kumar Rocker

Freshman threw no-hitter after Duke creamed Vandy last night. Absolutely dominant. I have sat at Titan games when Tracy was coaching Titans with his mom and grandma. His mom loves Nashville and that is how he got to Vandy, turned down lots of draft money. His maternal grandma is south Indian and influenced his mom quite a bit. Good, good kid.

He might be first off the board in the 2021 draft. He is incredible.

He was incredible. 19k’s I believe it was against arguably the hottest team in the tournament, who had plated 18 against Vandy last night. Amazing performance!

Loved watching him.

Looks just like his dad

Lived in Fayetteville from the time he was 3-7

and unfortunately his mom did not care for Fayetteville nor Auburn, especially not Oxford and not really Athens as places to live for her. Don’t get me wrong because she is an engaging lady who is really nice and talkative. I don’t know Tracy for crap except to have met him a few times. He was fired the same time as my friend Alan by the Titans. Intense is an understatement for Tracy. Kumar was the top high schooler of 2018 who chose to ignore the draft and go to college.