Happy Easter To My Hog Family!

Hope everyone has a great day & enjoys plenty of time with their loved ones.

Happy Easter!

Back at all!

Nice to have all the family here for church. Jean Ann has been in DeWitt to help care for her father, still not doing well. She came home yesterday and we had both daughters here for church. Jean Ann will head back to DeWitt this afternoon. Hopefully, this will be a better week for her dad, Bobby Ashcraft.

Happy Easter to all. Remember this is a very important day.
Prayers for Jean Ann. I can speak with first hand knowledge. It’s a very stressful deal to care and help our parents. Prayers for her father Mr. Ashcraft. It’s kind of a hard deal to watch our parents grow old. A tip of my hat to Mrs Henry for all of her efforts in Honoring her dad.

Once again Happy Easter to all!

Happy Easter! Easter is the epitome of the old saying, “Hope springs eternal.”

Back at ya,
Happy Easter to all.

Happy Easter.