Happy Bobby Bonilla day

the best Met move of all time lives on in infamy

It’s good to be Bobby Bonilla today.

It’s even better to be Max Scherzer (SEC angle: former Misery pitcher)

If I got $15 million the first thing I’d do is buy a trout stream with a cabin on it. I would be happy with about two miles of stream. Then I’d become a trout bum. Maybe I’m already there.


That’s would sum up the best possible way to spend the cash and your time! Enjoy life!

That made me laugh, Clay. Doing what you love with family and friends around you. Can’t put a price on that.

About to head out on an adventure Tuesday. This trip will be a Jean Ann adventure. We are going to hit Heart of America Antique Mall in Springfield, Ohio for a full day.

We are going to eat dinner on The Hill In St. Louis. And see James McCann on Wednesday night. Staying at 21c in Cincy.

Gonna stay 3 nights at Boiling Springs, Pa. Jean Ann gonna enjoy the spa at Allenberry.

Not sure what the route home will be just yet.


Great Italian Food on The Hill. Safe travels and enjoy the adventure.

I asked a St. Louis native to tout me on a place to eat on The Hill. He said they are all great. I’ve heard that over and over, too.

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You got that right. Fantastic. Some great memories with about sixteen of us dining.

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Lorenzo’s Trattoria. Good luck getting in. But as others have said, there’s no bad place on The Hill.

Let’s see. If I got $15 million I would:

a) buy the house I looked at yesterday. It’s not a McMansion, but it’s nice, has a pool and is 15 minutes from the beach. GF does not want to relocate and she loves her some pool and beach.

b) Retire

c) Buy another place in NWA.

d) Buy a small plane and learn how to fly it so I can get back and forth between the two, plus other Hog related travel

e) And join a golf club on each end of the trip.

That, however, is not enough money for me to make good on my plan to call Hunter Yurachek, offer to endow men’s soccer and whatever women’s sport would have to be added for T-IX purposes, and dare him to turn it down. I think that would require at least a $30M endowment.

Speaking of places in NWA, there’s some prime real estate on the market adjacent to RRS. It’ll only cost you about $10 million.


Did some further research. Small plane ain’t the way to go. But you can buy an AirPass from American for $10,000 a year that covers everything. Definitely cheaper than owning and maintaining a plane.

Unless you have serious *you money, an AirPass makes sense.
The lifetime, unlimited packages ended long ago. Mark Cuban got his money’s worth. I know of a couple who used something called Concierge Key. They now have their own plane. Hard to wrap my mind around it, then there’s Durant signing a four-year contract for 198 million. It is hard to comprehend.

True South made St Louis dining sound great besides the Hill, although I doubt Clay is seeking a 5 star French that is deserved is the Maisonette in Cinncy.

We went to Favassi’s and it was good.

Saw McCann, Nimo and Reynolds last night at The Great American Ball Park. Sat near Jessica and the twins courtesy of James. Neat family.

Ate dinner at our hotel. 21C Museum. Had a luxury king suite. Cool place.

Typing this in the lounge at massive Heart of Ohio Antique Mall near Springfield.

Will quarter tonight in Wheeling near a Cabela’s store. I don’t need anything but like to look.

Then will drive to Boiling Springs, Pa, for 3 nights at Allenberry Resort. Got a guide for a spring creek Saturday.

We may take a different route home through Nashville. Still thinking about that route with an eye at weather.

If there are fish pics from Saturday, will post.

Going to try out my new Sage R8 5 weight fly rod. It’s not been out of the tube. It’s the fruits of 6 days work at Two Rivers Fly Shop and tying 28 dozen midges.

I did not need the fly rod. I have clear definitions on need and want but I have a soft spot for fly rods.

I have found some old bamboo fly rods in the antique stores but they are over priced for what they look like to me.

Shocked that you’re not shopping the mall with Jean Ann. :joy: Safe travels Clay.

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