Happy birthday

This would be my dad’s 96th birthday. Every year when Feb. 19 hits, I think about him. He did not like anyone making a fuss over his birthday. But we did anyway. When I finally got HI going good maybe 5-6 years in, I gave him a set of Callaway Big Bertha metal woods for his birthday. He so much loved playing those clubs. I still have the 5-wood and it works well. I hit it on 210-yard par threes and it usually does the trick. He gave those clubs back to me about two weeks before he passed, on his birthday.


I still think occasionally about the one time I actually edited one of OH’s stories at the Gazette. We were told not to change a thing on his stories, just put a headline on it. He had forgotten more about the Hogs than I ever knew, and I knew that, but one time I caught a minor factual error, maybe saying something happened in 1947 instead of 1948. I confirmed what I remembered from the media guide and fixed the mistake. I half expected to be called on the carpet the next day, but if he noticed the correction, no one ever said anything.

What he got wrong every now and then was a first name. He messed up when there were a lot from one family like the Winstons. But he never got any of the Bequettes wrong.

Jeff, what the desk guys said about my dad’s copy, don’t change anything but you can fix something. There is a difference I guess. They knew the difference.

I can understand that. The first doctor I worked for after my career change was amazing. You could put up an old MRI of someone’s spine (which is why I picked Swine Fusion as my name here, working for him) and in two seconds he could look at it and tell you everything about that patient – except his name: “Oh yes, that’s the policeman who hurt his back making an arrest,” something like that. I asked him how he was able to do that. He said he had trained himself to have total recall of his patients, but since the name was not essential to his plan of care, he didn’t train himself to remember that. Of course, that was my job. I had to figure out which policeman he was talking about.

OH was an Arkansas Treasure. I love these stories about him. Knowing your dad was respected in his field of work is really gratifying. When my dad passed many of his former co-workers told me stories about his integrity and work ethic. Nothing like a dad.

Happy heavenly birthday to OH and to Robert Weems Barnes, who would have been 100 today. I miss him a lot, and especially when there is Razorback news, or Cardinal news, or Royals news, or Chiefs news. Shoot I just miss talking to him.


My father’s birthday is also today. He turns 82.

The impact that Orville Henry had on Razorback athletics cannot be overstated. I miss the excitement of looking for one of his stories (or notepads) in the morning paper.


Special day. Good to reflect on people who have impacted our lives.


Aloha Clay,

My mom would place the Gazette’s sport section with OH’s article/column next to my bed every AM while I was still asleep. It was the first thing I saw/read every day while home. What a great way to get the day started!



Sports page & Orvilles sports column (1st) was the only thing I read for many years as a young teenager on.

Happy Birthday in Hog Heaven!

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I think I was 13,when I realized all
My friends read every word my dad wrote. It was sort of weird. I read it because he was my dad I guess. I was a Razorback fan. Before then I did not put the two together.

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Well OH was special, and at the Catfish Hole I meet Marty’s dad. Both good men!

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Marty’s dad made me some red trout flies. They worked.

That wasn’t Daddy, but it might have been interesting to see a one-handed fly tyer. I’m betting that he could have done it. I have tried doing some of the things that he did with one hand … and failed miserably.

Your dad must have gotten them from someone. I was sure he gave em to me at a webhogs event. Maybe not.

My friend Sarah and I went to Greeley CO to a dog show. Mr. Jim Daniel invited us to his house (we got to meet JD) and took us to dinner. Sarah’s husband is a trout fisherman and ties flies. He made a set for Jim and I asked him to make a set for you and for Gage. You did get them at a Web Hogs tailgate and I’m sure Daddy was there.

BTW, nearly every time you write a trout fishing article I send a copy to Mike. Sarah and Mike used to live in Oologah, but they now live in Mayberry (aka Mount Airy NC). He still fishes and ties.

Feb 19th was my father’s b’day as well. It will be 10 years since he passed this October.

Dad would have turned 101 yesterday.

He was a huge fan of OH. I had heard of him many years before I ever read a word he had written, thanks to Dad. Living in El Paso during my early years, it was Dad that “lit the flame” of Hog fandom in me with his tales of attending games during his time on campus in the post WWII era. He regaled me with stories of Muscles Campbell and Clyde Scott. And he frequently talked about the massive game stories from OH in the Gazette.

I can’t remember for sure, but it almost had to have been one of the many features he wrote for Texas Football that was my initial first-hand exposure to his unique style. Didn’t take long for me to understand by Dad was so beguiled by OH’s writing style. “Unique” is such an inadequate adjective to describe the cadence and instant familiarity of his one-of-a-kind craftsmanship.

My dad would be 126.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mr. Henry … miss you !!