Happy Birthday Clay

Hope you day was as grand as mine. And we appreciate you very much.


Happy Birthday to both of you.

Good day at the golf course, Big Creek Country Club. Been a member there since March.

I hit 4 buckets of golf balls. Then worked in some bunker time. Had lunch. Putted for 90 minutes. I’ve done this routine three straight days.

Getting prepared to play next week at Southern Hills in Tulsa. I’ve played there enough to know you better prepare right.

Gonna celebrate tonight with Jeremiah Gage and his family. His birthday is in couple of days.

We did a birthday celebration last weekend with my family (along with Father’s Day) and celebrated son in law’s birthday Tuesday.

We will be in downtown Mountain Home at new Rapp’s Barren Brew Pub tonight.

Please give Jeremiah my regards.

yeah, mine too

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Happy Birthday, Fred.

I live blocks from Southern Hills in 79. Tulsa was an amazing place then.

Happy birthday, Clay. You’re a good man.

Happy birthday, Clay. You make this board feel like family. Go Hogs!

Gage was in rare form tonight. I bowed out early. I believe he planned a fireworks show on the White River for later.

Glad it was a good time for all. Friends, family and golf, I know you appreciate just how precious those times are.

Happy Birthday Clay Henry!!!
Fishing or Cooking or both???

Noooo! My BD is in March. My regards to Gage also.

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I did not cook for this birthday. Sometimes that’s what I like the most. Not this year.

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