Happy Birthday Clay

We share June 26 as our birthdays. But Clay is 3 years younger than me. Hope your day is filled with joy. Mine will be spent with the wife, grands and kids. Not to mention ribeye steak cookout here at home.

Thanks for giving us this great meeting place for Hog fans!

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Happy Birthday Clay. May you spend this joyous day relaxing and enjoying your favorite past time.

allow me to add to the cheer for you.

Go fishing. Dinner with family. That would be my dream birthday. Happy Birthday :birthday:

Wishing a special day for Clay!

Happy Birthday, Clay!!

Happy Birthday Clay! Have a Great day!

Happy birthday to both of you: Clay & LD

Happy Birthday Clay! Have a blessed day with your family!

Happy Birthday to you both. I’m sandwiched between the two of you; I’ll turn 67 a week from tomorrow…July 4th.

Happy Birthday!

Yes didn’t know about LD, Happy Birthday LD!

Thanks Billy!

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Happy Birthday guys! And many more! WPS!!

Thanks to everyone. It was a fun birthday.

Number one, I’m now 66 and begin getting social security deposits in three weeks. If I thought I was going to live until 90, I might wait, but that’s not what is in my genes.

Number two, with no wade fishing available on my rivers around Norfork (my residence for the last 25 months), I decided to join a neighbor for a casual round of golf at Big Creek Country Club in Mountain Home.

It was an enjoyable day, although my golf was mediocre. The highlight was my neighbor handing me his new Ping driver on the last hole. Dang, I wish he hadn’t done that. I hit it about 30 yards further than what I’d been doing with my 15-year-old Taylor Made. I didn’t need to see that shot and made me wonder if I’d gotten the right birthday present.

I’d ordered a new Orvis Mirage LT fly reel for my birthday (on-line shopping is so much safer these days).

The technology on the new drivers is so much better than my equipment. My irons are 30-year-old Ping Eye-2. There is nothing wrong with these irons although I probably need to get new shafts. The heads of these vintage Ping irons are still wonderful.

I have two Big Bertha woods (a 2-wood and 5-wood) that were my dad’s. They are at least 20 years old. I hit them the best, probably because they are regular shaft. I’m a little old for stiff shafts, although my playing companion yesterday said he wasn’t sure because my short, compact swing does generate a powerful release.

I hit it out of play twice with my old driver (stiff shaft), but mostly my problems were on the slick greens. I tried two putting grips, including a modified claw with my right hand. Basically, I 3-putted my way around the course for an 84. The guy I played with thinks a couple of more rounds and I’ll be shooting 75 (but I doubt it) and wants me to play in their men’s golf association. I don’t want to do that. I am fine with just playing once every two weeks, but may not even play that much. With football coming (we all hope), my golf would be about over anyway.

Then, the birthday celebration continued with a dinner cruise aboard our pontoon. It was me, Jean Ann and our lab. We picked up a to-go order from Whispering Woods and then motored out of the slip at Quarry Park where we keep the boat. We spent about two hours motoring around a pretty much empty Norfork Lake. The dinner was fettuccini (with scallop and shrimp). We finished the night by watching a couple of movies.

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Glad you had a great day… I played those same Eye 2 irons yrs ago. I play the Karsten Pings now and they are unbelievable, voted most accurate by the golf digest club test a few years ago and they really are exceptionally solid…I think my shoulders good enough me to get out and start swinging a little now …I’m ready

Happy Belated Birthday Clay

Happy Belated Birthday LD

Glad (like me) you had a great birthday. I have Ping Eye-2 irons that are about 30 years old. I started to buy new irons a few years ago but could find none that I liked better. My Taylor Made woods are about 10 years old with stiff shafts. I know I need to change since I’m 69 now.

Both my daughters (and wife) want me to purchase a pontoon boat. I’m holding out for now.

I bought my son a set of Ping Eye 2 Beryllium Copper irons when he got serious about golf headed into high school about 20 years ago. He played several tournaments with those clubs (He made the varsity squad as a freshman) for 2 years, but he had a sparkle in his eye for the then popular Taylor Made irons, so I inherited the Pings when we got those for his 16th birthday.

They were very forgiving clubs with a large sweet spot. I say “were” because someone broke into my car a few years ago and relieved me of them.

I was getting excited about your post, Wiz. I thought I was about to find out you were still playing them. Sorry you had them stolen.