Happy Balentine's Day

Here is a story I wrote four years ago on the 30th anniversary of the Razorbacks’ win over North Carolina: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2014 … tines-day/

That was a wonderful day. I went with my mom and dad (I will still in college then, how did I get to be in my mid 50’s already?)

That’s why you won’t ever be able to get a home and home with North Carolina. After a horrible delayed plane ride the hogs kicked their but in Pine Bluff! What a game!

In my home town, on national television a win against the Tar Heels. I was there and will never forget it.

And several years ago I was able to give Brad Daugherty a hard time about that game. I told him he had been in my home town. He asked what the name of my home town was - I told him Pine Bluff Arkansas. He said “you guys were lucky”. We had a business relationship for a few years and he always called me Arkansas. Which made me happy.