Happy Anniversary to

Jean Ann. She has put up with me for 43 years. First text was from Becca: Thank to both of you for getting married!



Happy Anniversary! Clay’s best catch yet.

Congratulations! GHG! Merry Christmas!

Congrats :+1::+1:

Congratulations, Clay, and Happy Anniversary!

Special day, I know you are thankful.

Well yes special day. And very thankful I know.

Happy Anniversary!! :clinking_glasses: :champagne: :two_hearts:

Congrats sir and thanks for all you do for us Hog fans each and every day! Have a blessed and safe Christmas!

Happy Anniversary

happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary Clay! I hope your blessed with many more years of happiness.

Thanks to all. It’s been a good day. She went to her fitness gym. I fished. I caught 14 in one hour. Got home before my greatest catch was back. She has a 20 minute drive to Mountain Home. Plus an hour workout. I timed it perfect. Not advisable to go fishing on your anniversary but if they are gone longer than you, it’s ok.


Happy Anniversary.

Congrats Clay. I don’t know anyone who got married on Christmas Eve … or winter.

Happy anniversary

And they said it wouldn’t last! Happy anniversary, Clay and Jean Ann. I remember when you were newlyweds!

Don did know us as newlyweds.

Happy anniversary, Clay!