Happy 4th and 25!

celebrate the Hunter Heave, with Chuck Barrett making the call.

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Thanks for that. Watching it never gets old.

Love it. It couldn’t have happened against a better foe.

Gets better every time I see it. Thanks

I loved watching that, but some of the other plays they left out just make the story even better. We still had to score to tie the game after picking up the 4th and 25, and then after the TD in overtime, we tired the two point conversion and failed. But wait! There was a penalty. We get to try it again. And this time, ITS GOOD!

Love it love it love it! (And I am a little slow I was in the middle of this post before I realized in it April 25, hence the happy 4th and 25!)


There are so many holidays out there. My brothers and I have adopted 4/25 and celebrate it as a Razorbacks holiday.

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