Hannahs on fire to start the second half. Guess what happened. That’s right. Anderson takes him out!! When he returns he doesn’t have that edge. When a player is on a hot streak leave him in. I doubt if he will collapse from exhaustion. I am at a loss to understand the strange substitution patterns.

Hannahs is the most consistent player in this team. And he has the ability to put the team on his back for a win. He has done it time and time again. He is unselfish. When everyone is scoring and moving, he lays back and do what comes his way. When everyone else is stone cold and we are in trouble, he gives it a shot to pull us out when no one else can. I appreciate his attitude. AR will miss him next year.

That did puzzle me also. But that has been one of the things he has done by taking players out. He has done that several times this year.
It was a good mini explosion by Dusty. We sure needed it. Manny hit the 3 he took tonight also.

Hannahs had a couple bad plays before he took him out. He took one three that was from really long range that wasn’t a good shot I remember because the announcer said “that was a heat check shot.” Then he ran down the lane out of control and had a turnover, and that’s when CMA took him out. He had been in the game for quite a while at that point, he was starting to tire down. That wasn’t a bad time to get him a break and bring him back in to close the game which he did.

Also, another thing you may look for, CMA has an “honor system” if you get tired you call to get yourself out. When you go on a run like that it exhaust a lot of energy, some of those times, we may not know it, but the player calls to get a break.

Dusty looked like he was on fumes when CMA took him out.

My Mom use to say about a player like Dusty when he is hot, Play him util his tongue hangs out and he begs to be taken out, then play him two more trips.

I’ve noticed that, but I’ve also noticed Dusty, and Barford (probably a few others) will get tired and not say anything. Then they’ll make some bad plays (like the two you mentioned) then CMA will pull them. However, in a close game that could end up biting us.

I think Dusty actually called himself out that time, I watched the game again, and there was a timeout in that sequence he ran to the bench and was saying something as he was running towards in, then when the came back from timeout he wasn’t in anymore.

He took himself out, but that would spoil the narrative.