For those that have seen him play, what is wrong with his shooting…Seems that he can’t buy a three.

For some reason, it’s in his head now. I’ve watched him warm up before games and he has that same great stroke. Always makes 5, 6, or 7 in a row, moving from the corner to the top of the key.

I noticed on a couple of his 3 point shots tonight, he hesitated a second before taking the shot, instead of naturally flowing into the shot. I never thought we’d have to worry about his confidence, but I do believe it’s in his head a bit. Probably, all he’ll need is to see a couple shots drop and he’ll be back to where he left off last year. He hasn’t lost or changed his form. It’s perfect in shoot-arounds.

If the Hogs are going to maximize their potential, we need him shooting like he did last year. I’m confident he’ll get there.

Thanks for the look in on him. Good to know about his shot…He’ll get it sorted out…Kid has basketball smarts…

Agreed, Hannahs does not seem to be comfortable with when he is supposed to shoot. Part of that might be how poorly the Hogs are moving the ball around on offense. Hannahs is not seeing a lot of catch-and-shoot opportunities.

Dusty is 25-60 overall, 9-26 from 3 and 26-29 from the free throw line while averaging a team-leading 17.0 points per game.

His shooting “woes” are certainly not based from lack of work ethic or getting up enough shots.

So that would lend one to believe that it is in his head or a product of the offense or both.

I would disagree that he is not getting a lot of catch and shoots. They are just not going down at what one would figure would be a normal clip,

I would expect him to be back in the right mindset sooner than later.

Anytime Dusty Hannahs gets it, it’s an opportunity. He doesn’t need much of an opening, or didn’t in the past. I believe his shot will fall. And, he should keep shooting. I will say that Jabril Durham was more comfortable passing than shooting and that helped Dusty. I have not watched the new guards (Daryl Macon and Jaylen Barford) enough to see how they are delivering the ball to Dusty. They do seem like they are going to shoot it more and take it to the rim more. All of that should produce more free throws and eventually lead to more openings for Dusty, also a very good slasher.

The defense is poor whenever Hannahs is on the court, so if he’s not making threes he is a major liability.

He doesn’t need to make 3s to be a scorer. We need his driving/floaters inside the lane as much as we do his outside shot.

The outside shot will come, no doubt in my mind.

I agree with the passing around. I do think after the game earlier this week were we had (I think) 20 assists that it should start to break him loose. I think he likes the break a lot better for staying in good rhythm. I don’t think he’s a screen and pop type shooter like Clarke was. That’s how he’s been trying to play. We also have some new guards out there that aren’t used to getting him the ball when he flips the baseline. I hope we see more of that. He had a nice shot the other night on someone finally finding him in the corner. I think it was Barford. He seems to be a better passer than Macon.

This makes me curious. I wonder if Jimmy Carter could do a breakdown on +/- with DH on the floor vs. other players. Is he really the liability that RR claims?

RR, I have questions for you: At what point is DH NOT making 3’s for the coach to take him out. If he starts of 0-1? 0-2? 0-3? What if he starts off 0-3 and then makes the next 4? At what point should MA say get him out? And then should he bench him for the rest of the season? How does he know when to bring him back in? I’m trying to follow this logic? He’s leading the team in scoring? Should we just keep him out because maybe somehow he’s giving up that many points on D?

More thinking that Hannahs might have a better go of it if he were coming off the bench instead of starting + allowing opponents to open the game focused on preventing him from shooting threes.

You can get average points allowed per 100 possessions for each player at RealGM.com.