Handful of plays

Home sick. Watching the replay.

Man, just a handful of plays…we win if even one of them comes through.

–I am so PO’d about the obvious pass interference call. OMG. Happened right in front of the ref. Just one more horrible call versus a Texas school with the ref staring down the play. Man…horrible memories. James Street’s run…which included a no-call clip, Ron Calcagni being facemasked versus Texas with the ref staring it down…no call. God I could go on.
–On the A&M final drive, if one of three plays goes differently we win.

  1. Scoota had Mond dead to rights and Mond made him miss and got a first down on 3rd and long
  2. Busta got called for PI on a pass break up. He did have his off hand on the back but no advantage was gained (certainly not a penalty if tackling a receiver is not)
  3. If the Aggie kicker does what you would expect someone to do from 5o yards…aka miss…we only need a FG to win.

If any of those go differently we win.

Coulda shoulda woulda for a team and fanbase that has forgotten how to win. But not bad considering where we were a week ago