Hampton entering NFL Draft

Not sure why this was necessary; this was his fifth year of play, after four at ASWho. So he had no more eligibility as far as I can tell.


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At least he controlled his ego and let the team enjoy the victory unlike Brown last year who tried to steal the spotlight by proclaiming for the NFL before the crowd had even left the stadium.
Am I the only one that sees stuff like that as selfish self promotion and poor team spirit?
I find I am having trouble being PC with the players who walk out on their teammates. I know it is their right to do, at least as the rules stand now, but give me one Dalton Wagner over five Knox’s. To me Knox just totally trashed his legacy as a Razorback and I just can’t seem to see it any other way.
And Coach Loggins I see as worse. I have no problem with him leaving for a better job, but trying to steal our players and recruits as he goes out the door is an issue to me. I know that is his job, but it is a betrayal of Sam and our program.
I may just be getting old and loyalty changes are just passing me by.


I totally agree hursthog.

Two words that have lost their meaning - Loyalty and Commitment.

Could technically take a covid year, right?

Thanks for a great season, and good luck.

Sam needs to recruit more players named Hampton. Hamptons have been good players for us. Dan, William, Harvey and now Terry.

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He played very well for us! Good luck to him


This was Hampton’s bonus covid year. He is out of eligibility.

I’m glad Hampton finished his college career as a Hog.

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Thank you Mr Hampton, wishing the best always! WPS

I suppose he could have elected to not enter the draft and enter the workforce, but this gives him the opportunity to say thanks to the fans and let us know what he is doing with his life moving forward. I’m glad he did it and glad you brought it to the board.

He will need to have a good pro day to have any chance to get drafted on day three. I think its more likely thjat he signs as a free agent… He’s a little small for an NFL NT, but he’s been reasonably productive in college. If he has a good camp he probably has a decent chance to at least make a practice squad

Good luck to Terry. He was solid this year after making the jump to the SEC from Ar St. Obviously works hard so he just might sign on somewhere as free agent & who knows.

I wish him well. Never say someone’s dream has no chance of happening until it can’t. The odds are against it, but it does not mean it can’t happen. It certainly will not happen if it is not tried.

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