My apologies if already covered, but T. J. Hammonds didn’t come out with the RBs pregame and I couldn’t see him on sideline. Is he hurt again?


saw him on crutches on the sideline,must have got hurt in practice

He actually looked like he was having less fun getting around on his crutches than Whaley.

Does TJ have a redshirt year available? WPS

Does the name Joe Joe Robinson come to mind?

Hate it for Hammonds. I hope he has a healthy future.

I just watched the short film clip about Tyler Trent and
the Purdue Boilermakers. That will put tears in your eyes.

Perspective is so essential to have our best shot at living
a mostly sane life.

We are blessed to be alive, be conscious and if we have
generally good health well you finish your own verse.

he’s had surgery but does have RS yr I still think he could be absolute beast a a slot reciever ala J wright and strong enough to break arm tackles catching balls over the middle

Morris confirmed today that Hammonds is out and recently had surgery. If he is unable to come back by next month they will redshirt him.

Can’t play any position if you can’t get on the field.

He was leaning on crutches throughout the game.

I doubt we see hm again this year and he redshirts.

Thus far he seems to be a one trick pony, Hope I am wrong. Get healthy and broaden his skill set so he can be used more. Wish him well.

This latest injury occurred during warm ups for the Ole Miss game?

That’s my understanding

Will he transfer or is he content here ? WPS