Hammonds 'showing up' for Hogs in recent weeks

Treylon Burks has been proud of T.J. Hammonds’ play and effort of late, and he noted they talk often about how Hammonds will respond when given the chance to produce.

“As you can see, he’s reacted positively to it,” Burks said. More:

Hammonds is a hundred percent healthy and learned to hang on to the ball. This staff is using him per his skill set.
Last year it seemed like TJ was utilized on plays that were failed before even starting.
I think he should come back next year and carry it forward, plus we could use the depth.


That failed before they started was part of the early season problem for TJ this year, too.

Your right Clay.

Yep. TJ was the cutesy play specialist. Better to just get the ball in hands in a more direct way and let him use his speed and shiftiness to make things happen.


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