Hammonds not on team, Hogs' RB situation

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I would say the situation is dire. One injury away from running empty backfield for too many offensive snaps!! Great opportunity for any former **** RB’s out there in the transfer portal…

I always cringe when we only sign one RB in a class. In the words of Dashiell Hammett, we’re thin man.

Thin don’t even explain it! Wouldn’t it be jive if Williams would have stayed.

We are only going to play one RB in anything but a gimmick package.

For spring we’ve got Whaley, Hayden, Curtis and I think one or two walk-ons. Would be nice to have one more scholarship back but it’s not a dire situation.

In the fall you get Boyd back and add Ivey. So that’s five scholarship backs for fall, assuming they don’t get a grad transfer-which is of course possible. Only three or four of those guys are going to play, so we’ve got a small cushion even with injuries.

I would expect they will sign at least two backs in the 2020 class, maybe three, but RB depth is a long way from being our biggest worry.

Running back looks great when compared to linebacker.

Nick and Nora would be proud…

We got pretty thin at RB last year during the season. That position can get decimated quickly with injuries, starting 1st day of fall camp, then the grind of SEC play.
Good thing is we have 3-4 experienced RB’s so hopefully we have more of a committee system this year. Save some wear and tear.

Ole Miss game was a classic example. Rebellious ones could not stop Boyd or Whaley, but after they both went down, our Running game was toast.

Classic example of quality depth needed in this league. Hard to recover when you have 2 RB’s and a QB took out in one game. That game basically started the nose dive rest of the way.

Just remembering the Auburn game against Scam Newton when Mallett went down and not sure what to expect with Tyler Wilson, but I’m sure most felt we were done. Then Tyler stepped up big time under that kind of pressure.
CCM making sure he has that kind of quality depth at QB as quick as he possibly can. But just so thin at so many positions depth wise when he arrived.