Hammonds ( Insiders or Anybody)

Whats the deal with Hammonds and why is he not playing as much? All this talk about he is electric and we must get the ball in his hands and put him in different spots on the offense and NOTHING??? I could really see him leaving after this year due to the fact we do not use him… #once again please play your best players!!

He got some touches against South Carolina and made some good use of it. More than anything, he just needs to stay healthy and on the practice field. Brandon Martin, Jonathan Nance, Jordan Jones and Deon Stewart bring a lot of the same things Hammonds brings.

I hear you Clay but every time Hammonds touches the ball, he is making something happen and also If they would just stop saying they have to get him more touches because he is that special , fans would stop drinking the kool-aid about him… I can only imagine what his father is thinking…

I thought they said he was in a walking boot the week prior to the Alabama game. I may be wrong on that (I’ve had surgery since then and the anesthesia may have played games with me), but I thought that was what they said. So he may not have been healthy to play.

I think that was 3 weeks ago…

I’ve been saying it for over a year…IMO, if Hammonds is healthy, he ought to touch the ball as much as anyone. Last year, it was the mysterious talk of fumbles in practice (which no one but the media sees) even though I don’t believe he’s ever fumbled in a game. I guess he’s been nicked a little this year but I’m not sure that’s been confirmed. I actually would rather see him as a RB than a WR. I would bet (and I haven’t looked it up so I’m not sure) that his avg. per carry is the highest on the team in terms of RB’s. I think he could be an elite ball carrier with more opportunities.

EDIT: He’s averaging 8 ypc which is nearly double that of any other RB. Yep…pretty sure this guy needs a lot more carries…LOL

Hammonds is fine for the outside stuff, but you can’t run him very often between the tackles, he just does not have the body type to take punishment. If you want a shifty guy between the tackles, Chase is a much better option.

There is room for him to get more touches working either out of the slot or the backfield, but he has had a problem staying healthy.

You are probably right. My mind plays tricks on me.

He was in a boot last week after getting his foot stepped on before the SC game and only played a few snaps at 'Bama. Health has been a big issue. Michael Smith’s de facto answer tends to be ‘trust’ when talking about why guys aren’t playing and he’s mentioned that with T.J. a few times.

I get why the seemingly weekly stated goals of getting him the ball more is frustrating to fans. He looked explosive in the spring and is averaging 6.5 yards per touch the last 2 years, 8 this season. Still hasn’t had a catch.

He, De’Vion Warren and Jarrod Barnes bring an element after the catch that’s exciting, but obviously none are really in the rotation right now. T.J. is older and closer to playing than the other two.

It was clear that in the early part of the season, there wasn’t a sync in the QB-WR operation. They were working a lot of WRs and that makes it tough on both the QB and the WR. At a point, you have to scale it back and get the top QBs and the top 4-5 WRs the most work. When you are injured, you fall out of that group automatically. And, it’s hard to get back in that group. Brandon Martin has done it. Maybe T.J. can do it eventually, too.

Sync? Those guys worked out together every day of the summer and should be very adept in their routes, pass catching, adjusting to velocity of the pass, etc. Speed of the game, level of excitement, violence of the defenders–yes, I know these factors play into sync. But isn’t that why the more experienced players are able to coach the younger guys and try to simulate game conditions in their workouts the best they can? Being out of sync to start the season, and especially into mid-season, makes no sense to me.

I agree with your statement but we don’t even get him more than 5 touches a game on the outside…

Add it to the list of things that constantly bewilder me about this coaching staff. Makes no sense.

Last year it was because of fumble issues, when the kid has not fumbled in a game to this day.

Also buzzard… hammonds and Hayden are almost identical in size, and hammonds in his few carries between the tackles has done just fine.

Chase is listed at 5’10" 191 lbs…TJ at 5’10" 195…I don’t think body type is the issue. There are many college football RB’s (past and present) that have excelled between the tackles at that size…

Another reason why he is 2 - 4. They have absolutely no clue how to get their true athletes the ball. Instead they rather run TE screen to Austin Cantrell. SMDH…

You guys have seen the two of them run between the tackles, right? There is simply no comparison. Chase does a much better job exploiting the small spaces inside for extra yards than TJ, he appears to have quicker feet and better vision/instincts. He also runs lower to the ground than TJ, which you have to do at RB unless you are built like Eddie George. TJ tends to run a bit high , which exposes him to more physical abuse inside at the college level.

Doesn’t mean TJ can’t make some big plays from the RB position, the guy is a talented player. He’s just not as good at RB as Chase. On the other hand, if you want to throw to a RB, I would have to put TJ ahead of Chase as a receiver, until proven otherwise.

I know what the program listed size is for both guys, but having watched both guys this year on the field and sideline, TJ looks a bit taller, leaner and longer legged. I know that’s subjective, but to me he just looks and runs like a college WR rather than a college running back.

I hope they can figure out more ways to get him the ball in the passing game. For one thing, I think we really have not been swinging the backs out of the backfield much as receivers other than on screens. That might be a way to get TJ more involved while playing in the backfield. He would be an interesting one on one match up against either LBs or DBs, and looping the ball out to the backs on something besides a screen might be a nice wrinkle.