Hammonds and Whaley

Several pundits mentioned Devwah Whaley over the last couple of days. Tony Barnhart went so far as to say his emergence as a “special” player was key to our season. I certainly agree. We need Whaley to be special. He has the credentials, played his football in a high classification, and his film looks fantastic.

But I couldn’t help but notice Coach B made a point to mention that we had TWO great looking freshman RBs coming in. He stated, more than once, that both Hammonds and Whaley have a chance to be special.

I personally think that is a great point. There is no question Devwah looks terrific on film. He is thick. Runs through tackles. Has great lean. And is explosive. Seems to get to top gear quickly. And not only does he run away from DBs, defeating angles and splitting linebackers and safeties in a way that reminds you of a certain former Hog RB, but his track times tell you how fast the kid is. He is gonna be the real deal.

But I also think Hammonds is gonna be special as well. Very. Admittedly, in his film, he is playing against inferior competition from Devwah (who plays in Texas 5A.), but the speed, vision, change of direction and uncanny agility are impossible to miss. He is not as thickly built as Devwah and doesn’t have the natural lean and pad level. But he looks to have a bit more agility and wiggle, and may have similar speed.

Which brings me to my point: I think we may be looking at a pair of Rbs in the same class that could remind us all of Dmac and Felix. I even think they might wind up complimenting one another in a similar manner. I’m not suggesting we will run the Wildcat. But I can see those two eventually becoming a tandem (not to dismiss Cody and Raleigh…I hope they have great seasons just like everyone else) where they trade off at RB…then occasionally are on the field together. Dudley has maintained Hammonds will see at least some time in the slot.

Anyhow…if you haven’t watched film on both of those two…go do that. It will get you excited.

No offense to Tony or any other national guy, but quite often they’re just repeating what they’ve read.

Barnhart did not say that Whaley was special. He said Whaley had to be special, if Arkansas’s going to be any good this season.

Randy that’s what I intended to say. Barnhart said Whaley emerging as a special player was a key.

I think, both will be great backs, by watching film it looks like whaley will fit the style little bit better just because his build is compared to an SEC, ready back. But at the same time, I think Hammonds is the real deal, he reminds me of a poor man reggie bush, the young man can cut on a dime, I think he will be a very special player for the hogs…

I agree, they just do their research and repeat in in their own words…