Hammer time for KU basketball

NO need to link anything… it will be everywhere you want to look!

From the bottom of the ESPN article (sounds like something someone on here said):

David Ridpath, president of the Drake Group, a think tank dedicated to protecting academic integrity in college sports, and an associate professor of sports business at Ohio University, said it’s too early to tell whether the NCAA can make a dent in cleaning up college basketball corruption.

“[The notice of allegations] is not surprising,” Ridpath said. "But it’s one thing to allege and another to know what’s going to be the end game. I think we saw that in the North Carolina case [involving alleged academic misconduct]. I have my doubts that the membership really truly, truly wants to punish these schools and punish coaches like Bill Self. At the end of the day, whether he knew or didn’t know, he should have known or did know. My guess is Bill Self probably knew a lot more than he’s letting on.

“If we’re going to have these rules, they need to be enforced. Until we see the end game, I don’t know how worried Kansas should be about these allegations, because it still has to go through the infractions process. The committee on infractions has shown in the past that it’s very reticent to punish some schools. We’ll have to wait and see. If they’re doing their job, Kansas should be absolutely eviscerated.”

I hope so. I hope a lot of their blue blood brethren along with a certain maroon blood bunch will be going down with them.

This guy bringing the UNC academic fraud into it tells me that he does not know what he is talking about. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has no jurisdiction over academics. Once it was established that non-athletes were enrolled in the courses, the NCAA was out of the picture. It was up the UNC admin to handled it. Even the ACC was helpless, because it is a Conference of Sports Teams.

I don’t know what will happen, but the NCAA has the goods on KU and several others this time, thanks to the FBI. And a UNC type loophole is not in the cards when we are talking about athletic shoe wars! LOL

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I’ve said since the beginning the hammer won’t fall on KU, this major violation will produce a hand slap. If not, I’ll be amazed

That’s the key. But I don’t think they can skate on this with all the information the FBI and the federal trial revealed. UNC got away with it because they accidentally found a loophole – NCAA rules don’t cover academic fraud if it’s available to non-athletes. There is no loophole here.

Just looking ahead to what will be the final ruling from the NCAA against Kansas (Blue Blood Money Earner)

The NCAA will issue a verdict that says Kansas has been found guilty of multiple MAJOR violations and lack of institutional control. As punishment, they will hammer Podunk State with 4 year ban and reduction of half their scholarships. Its the NCAAs’ intention to show Kansas they are very serious and if Kansas does this again the NCAA will begin considering the death penalty for Podunk State. All this so Kansas can know the consequences for letting their program run amuck and can see how severe penalties can be in the hope of discouraging any thing further.

One key note in the KU allegations. Adidas is listed as a “representative of the institution’s athletic interest”, which is NCAAese for a booster. In the same way that Ted Harrod was a representative when he gave Hog players phony summer jobs for excessive pay. This means that KU can get hammered for what Adidas did, and their executives have already been convicted in court.