Hammer Down

Full Tilt Boogie​:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:what happened ???

I don’t know. I wish he would get back to it.
Nobody in the country plays like we do. It’s just blah. I’ve seen this brand my whole life except when Petrino was here. It’s just like, old, ineffective football. Pace is horrid, plays are dull, predictable, imagination is zero, we still subscribe to ‘don’t show to much’ which went out 20 years ago. It’s like being in a time warp.
I watch everyone else play and wonder, why don’t we do that. Time to bring back the old saying…LOSE THE FEAR! Please let these guys play. Go get Chandler’s coach’s playbook, use it. Better yet, just call every play they called the day before in order, play by play. It would be better than today.

Most pathetic play-calling I’ve ever seen I have never been a fan of craddock,he acts like he has no clue how to attack defense. Never once throw a slant the two or three times we did throw the Middle with a wide open, tried to throw one deep ball and it was covered like a blanket,ran on first down 90% of the time just absolutely horrible

I think maybe you are giving Craddock more play calling credit than he deserves. This is his 7th season with Morris. They are on the same page. I suspect he’s calling plays exactly the way Morris wants.

After last year’s 2-10 season, the play calling seems to reflect a hc and coordinator playing “not to lose”. And, even against an FCS school!

Well whoever is calling the plays doesn’t appear to have a clue other than against Alabama last year that’s the only game we look remotely like an SEC team

I sat through the whole game and came away with the same thoughts that have been posted. If this is Morris’ high octane offense, the new grass in the stadium will grow faster than our offense. I think we’re in for another looooong season.

Absolutely agree with everything posted. Perfect example of Craddock’s inability to get it done was our series that included a first and five at PS’s 10 yard line late in the game. We gained 3 yards - 3 yards against PS and had to settle for a field goal. Hayden was the running back – where on earth was Boyd! Sadly, we still don’t have an SEC quarterback. Thank goodness for our defense today. They played their heart’s out. It’s going to be a long fall, and I’m just about done watching!

Auburn is going Hammer Down with a true freshman qb

I still think we have one, but he only played 3 minutes.
Yes, he threw an inexcusable int in the red zone. Our next possession, he also drove down the field on 4 of 5 passing for 48 yards in the last 40 seconds of the first half. Of course the coaches poor clock management ended the half in the red zone. He never saw the field in the 2nd half?

We should have lapped this team today about 10 times. No reason they should have the ball with a chance to tie in the final moments. Should have just mauled these guys.

if you figure out what we are doing on offense, please let me know.

17 should play more. Let’s hope.

Give John Stephen at least a chance, he may be the SPARK! Not sold on 17.

I really don’t think we are ever going to see up-tempo under CCM. I went back at his last year at SMU and watch the entire TCU SMU game because that would have been a game they would have pulled out all the stops to win and pretty much every playthere was a lot of standing around looking to the sideline and the ball was snapped with about 10-11 seconds on the clock which gave the defense plenty of time to adjust, after a big play they would go with about 16 seconds. So if he did not do it in that game with a quarterback with that much experience in Hicks then we may never see it.

While I would probably agree with prior posts (here and in other threads) were it later in the season, I think that it might be too early to be pointing fingers and being so negative at this point. For a number of years from many posters I have heard, “It’s not the x’s and o’s, but the Jimmy’s and Joe’s”, but now that we have a coach attracting much better talent these same posters wish to fault the coaches. Though this may be factual, I believe that based on the first game with young talent and the team/coaches looking forward to next week’s game, perhaps such pessimism is premature. I support pointing out areas for improvement that have been observed (and much appreciate such input from knowledgeable experts), but would suggest that more than one game is needed before pointing fingers with negative comments toward specific individuals. If this turns out to be a train wreck, so be it, with corrective action rightfully forthcoming. However I still maintain optimism at this point.

I tend to agree.

We have been devoid of Jimmys and Joes for the most part - short of 5-8 seasons of last 25 years.

Maybe a good year of recruiting followed by taking off two years.

As to this coaching staff, so far my only optimism is the recruiting because they have a seriousness we have rarely seen in 25 years or more.

I do not yet have a lot of optimism on the actual game coaching at this point and so hope to be proven wrong.

I know great talent makes great coaches and with some in game coaching blunders, this group may need extraordinary talent to be successful.

Keeping fingers crossed and have hope because of recruiting success.

the only reason I brought that up was the TCU -SMU game was in CCM last yr and Hicks was in his 3rd yr so the offense was in and they knew it and had a1st round WR and I was shocked that I didn’t see very up tempo offense so it made me think if they didn’t do it then with all that going for them then we might never see it…hopefully we do b/c it can put the defense in a position to line up wrong and we might get an easy score out of it.